Fear the living!

Posted on 21 October 2017

Written by PotatoPower

Note: IO stands for Interrogation Officer

The Missing Link

As an aspiring horror author, I’ve researched abandoned places around town, looking for writing materials. I crossed out every single location on my list except for this last one, an old police station. I looked towards the sky, hoping for a miracle but all I saw were ominous dark clouds gathering above me. 

I entered the dark station with a flashlight in hand. The pounding of my heart echoed as I scanned the room with my flashlight. Everything was intact. Suddenly, I heard a small creak near the counter. I quickly turned and walked towards the sound. It was an opened drawer. Inside, a box labelled “???” was visible. As I opened the lid, case files and investigation notes could be seen. Why would someone leave a case here?

Thoroughly, I read the files and notes. Each file contained information gathered about different individuals and their tape recording transcripts. Their faces… there’s a strange sense of darkness lurking on them. What was even stranger was that every single case file had a vast amount of information except for one… Jaesus. Hers was simply a file with her name on it. Everything just felt wrong but the author instinct in me urged me on to uncover this mystery. And so, I began my study.

#1: Andric
Date: 13/10/1955

Andric, a whimsical-looking individual, sits comfortably. He begins to laugh occasionally while admiring his accessories. 

IO: Hello Andick. Do you know why you’re here?

Andric: Please, call me Andric. The officers told me I was a serial murder suspect. 

At this point, Andric doesn’t seem to be phased at the prospect of being a potential serial murder suspect.

IO: Yes. That is correct. We have substantial evidence that points to you. Your blood and sewing needles custom-made specifically for you were found at the crime scene and in the victims. Do you have any comments on that?

Andric laughs maniacally and nods proudly.

There’s more to it than just a case.
SHE has a bigger purpose, bigger than anyone can face.
And so, SHE gathered the worthy.
And so, we become her proxy.
With darts to their hearts,
And as we play our parts,
Our souls will be free,
For SHE still lives in our memories.

He was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment.

#2: Vnla

On 13/04/1966, another case of serial murders surfaced. A DNA test was issued for one of our prime suspects, Emiry aka Vnla. A few days later, the results came back positive. We’re trying to conduct a session to enquire her motives.

Vnla’s eyes darts everywhere. She seems to be wary and nervous in her new environment. 

IO: Hello Vnla. Is there something wrong?

Vnla: *mumbles* Jaesus…

IO: Pardon?

Vnla: Nothing… Someone said that Jaesus will be here to fetch me...

IO: We are not aware of an individual named Jaesus. Can you clarify who she is?

Vnla: Jaesus is my love. She wouldn’t leave me… She loves me…

At this point, Vnla is visibly distraught.

IO: Why did you do it Vnla?

Vnla: For love...

IO: Who and where can we find her?

Suddenly, Vnla’s eyes become unfocused and she seems to be in a daze.

Vnla: She won’t be here for I am now useless to her. You can’t find her but she still lives in our memories.

She was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment. We tried to track down the individual known as Jaesus but there were no records of her.

#3: Audemars

On 13/11/1977, a 69-year old lady named Audemars was arrested for the murder of 10 children after the bodies were found in her house. Neighbours had complaints of the smell prior. Background check has been done. The sole family member, Courtini aka Paddleboard (older sister) has been notified of this case. In the midst of interrogating her, the tape recorder malfunctioned, causing only the latter part of the session to be recorded.

After hours of interrogation, Audemars’ eyes look aimless. She seems out of it. 

IO: Why did you do it?

Audemars: It’s for my niece. It’s the only birthday gift I can give to her…

IO: First of all, you don’t have a niece. We’ve run background checks on you. Your sister doesn’t have a daughter. Second of all, who the hell wants 10 dead children as a gift???

Audemars: She does exist! My sweet, beautiful Jaesus. I remember when Paddleboard first brought her in from the orphanage. We’d spend her birthdays on Halloween together every year. I’d get her gifts when the full moon is out. I give her the best gifts! Isn’t that right Jaesus?

Audemars looks upwards as she asked, smiling abnormally. Frustration could be seen on the IO’s face as he continues to question her.

IO: For the last time, you don’t have a niece! There’s no one by the name of Jaesus. 

Audemars ignored the IO and continued to laugh while looking straight at him.

Audemars: She loves young, innocent souls the most. She didn’t like the old ones. She loves my gifts. She’s gone now. Even though she’s gone, she still lives in our memories.

She was sent to a mental asylum afterwards as she began talking to walls and started to inflict harm on the guards.

Bits and pieces came together like a puzzle. They’re all linked. Could SHE be referred to as Jaesus? If so, who or … what IS she? I needed to warn everybody that this evil creature could still be out there.

Hurriedly, I gathered back all the materials into the box and carried it with me. I turned but was instantly stopped by a horrendous figure standing right in front of me. I felt two hands wrapped around my neck and it tightened its grip, suffocating me. Before I faded to black, the figure’s words lingered on.

“Fear the Living for I am still here if it wasn’t for them...”
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PotatoPower on 22 October 2017 8:02 PM
Thank you very much RaizEQueeN. I'm glad you enjoyed it :3
RaizEQueeN on 22 October 2017 7:19 PM
As another aspired writer i find this enjoyable to read, good job!
Fear The Living
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