Poems by Jing #1: "Autumn Leaves"

Posted on 29 December 2017

Hi everyone! Wanted to share with you some poetry of mine that I have done as a writer - some are archived, or published on my site. Nonetheless, hope you enjoy them <3 - J.Jing.


"Autumn Leaves"

Missing those days of peace of mind
Those autumn leaves reflecting thoughts of light
As the fall gently, gliding with the soft breeze
The beauty of life resonated across the skies
Reflected on the glacial membrane of these eyes
These dry eyes
Like those dry, Autumn leaves
Missing those days of peace of mind
When it was only this, those Autumn leaves
And I.

- J.Jing
11th June 2017.

Comments (4)
Jing on 31 December 2017 6:20 AM
thank you!! :)
Seth on 31 December 2017 6:16 AM
wow this is nice
Jing on 29 December 2017 7:08 AM
Thank you <3
Wiggle on 29 December 2017 6:49 AM
C U T E <3
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