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Posted on 31 December 2017

So if you've known me by now - I am an absolute, OBSESSED FAN of the Cozzie Change game in Habbo.
Have always been, and probably always will be.
(I used to suck - no HC, LOL. Even with HC, actually)

I was in last 2 in this CC game, and we had the theme 'Watchmen characters' which stumped me a little and I had to google.
This is when I came across Rorschach - and I LOVE THE CHARACTER wow.

Photo from Watchmen Wikia's page

Anyways - I did what I could and didn't win! Nonetheless, it was such a good challenge because although I was focused on the face, I missed the details of the hat and pants! The host said it was these two details that determined my loss so I refined it with him out of interest! 

With that being said - this costume became my ULTIMATE favourite I have done so far - there was a Flash one, but this tops it all!

So, ladies and gentlemen - my refined Rorschach CC Habbo <3 
Eventually when I buy costumes I'd probably make an even more precise one (i.e. with gloves) - but for now, I stick to using HC clothing only :)
Tell me what you think! Do you have any of your most favourites?? Send them in to me - I would LOVE to post it on my blog!

Jing xx

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