Jing's Life #1: Introducing my Taiyo

Posted on 31 December 2017

Hello there! 

Just thought I'd introduce one of my two babies to everyone <3 Her name is Taiyo! (story below!)
'Taiyo' is romanized Japanese (太陽) for 'Sun'!

What's her story?

Well, my boyfriend and I adopted her in October 2016 in Hong Kong! It was a really interesting story as I was off work that day and basically was simply having a foot massage and chilling...(lol, yes)
Then as I was scrolling Facebook, I had a friend that shared a Facebook post about his friend looking for adopters to adopt his two cats as he was moving away to England. >:( 
By then, I've been wanting to 'buy' a new cat (I wasn't an active adoption advocate back then- I barely knew anything!), but haven't yet as my boyfriend and I couldn't justify how expensive it was.
So anyways- that post was earlier in the week which meant by the end week (which was supposed to be tomorrow of the time)- he would bring them to RSPCA! :'(
So I was like OH HELL NO. And I quickly looked through the photos - at first wanting to adopt the elder, male cat as it was also a British shorthair like my first cat, but my boyfriend decided he wanted the ginger female so I was more than happy anyways to go with that!
So anyways- I cut short my massage LOL because obviously, I needed to get a cat carrier and all that...
1.5 Hours later I was like at the edge of the city in Hong Kong (literally 45 minutes travelling) to pick up whom was then called 'Brie.'
1 year and 2 months later- here she is! Taiyo, with our little family in- ironically- England! <3
Oh, and yes, ever since then- I discovered the beauty of adoption and had been volunteering in adoption charities/centres! 
#AdoptDontShop <3

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