Poems by Jing #2: "Dance of the Kitesurfer"

Posted on 30 December 2017


Here is another poetry piece - this one written like, wow, 5 years ago! One of my most personal favourites ever written- Enjoy!


Dance of the Kitesurfer

Several pliés in the air
Following the melody of the wind
Each wave is their beat
To prepare
For the moment of magic within.

The music composed by the crashing of waves
With the rhythm of the wind on their face
The spotlight shining down from the sun's rays
Their five sense alive and embraced.

A jump, a glide, a touch of water
A speed unprecedented but controlled
For this is the dance of the graceful kitesurfer
Through the eyes of a dancer it was told.

- J.Jing
3rd June 2012.

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