Poems by Jing #4: "I Wish You Knew"

Posted on 3 January 2018

Happy new year everyone!! Hope your 2018 is kicking off with joy and happiness - and hope it continues to do so!

This year, lets remind ourselves to always express to our loved ones our love and share the happiness. To share joy and to share the burden of sadness <3

Here is an archived poem of mine I'm sharing with you today. Hope you enjoy! <3


I Wish You Knew

I wish you knew
How the oceans apart
Posed as no obstacle
To this beating heart.

I wish you knew
How the flow of time
Only delivered across the miles
Each feeling of mine.

I wish you knew
How the emptiness 
Had no ability to reach the depths
To destroy this happiness.

I wish you knew
How the words
Resonated the sunrise and sunset
Infinitely, to my world.

I wish you knew
How the love
Had always been
Just by the horizon.

I wish you knew
As I let go
These whispers I could never say
At all.

I wish you knew
That I don't want to lose you.

- J.Jing
8th Jan 2016.


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