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Posted on 29 May 2017

Hey all my name is Shaun, im from Australia and play in a semi-known band around the South Coast. 
I kinda have alot of free time rn so i decided to do a top 10 songs by bands you may or may not have heard before, hopefully you will see something new you like!
Due to me not being able to insert videos, links will be the title.

1. nothing,nowhere. - i'm sorry, i'm trying.
This song, i don't know how to explain it.. hits me in a very hard way, its a weird combo of guitar work, rap, singing and trap beats, all composed by a single man in his garage. Ever since i found him he has been my number 1 artist to listen to, and man.. i'm so glad i did haha.

Album: N/A - Year: 2016

2. The All-American Rejects - Drive Away
Drive Away, its a song i found back in Limewire days, i had a big pop punk edge to me in school, it was all i listened to, i had always known this band due to Dirty Little Secret (and later Gives You Hell), i think when i was around 11 i had this big crush on a girl at school, and i ended up giving her all this music for her to listen to, and back in windows media days when you burnt songs, it told you how much more minutes you could add to the disc, so with a short 3 minutes left i decided, 'Stuff it, ill find a song to add in' i ended up searching 'I love you' and this was the first song that came up (wrong title too so when i bought their CD it took me ages to find out what song it was haha) and i instantly fell in love with the song, and it always reminds me back of when i was this little boy trying to make a cute mix-tape for a girl who i thought was the world.

Album: The All-American Rejects - Year: 2002

3. Incubus - Drive
This song takes me back to around 2003, just starting school and my mum would have this wake up cd for me to listen to while i got ready, (you know, brushing teeth, getting dressed etc) and this was the first song on the disc, (i have to admit my mum has a ROCKING taste in music), the song was always one that stuck in my head but i kinda forgot about it till one day my dad took me to see Surf's Up at the cinema (BEST MOVIE AND BEST SOUNDTRACK) this song came on and i nearly cried, i had found the song that haunted me throughout my childhood producing me good moods and a good feeling. Its quite a feel good song , lovey-dovey and emotional. This song really does mean alot!

Album:  Make Yourself - Year: 1999

4.  Phantom of the Opera - The Music of the Night 
Heres a bit of a change for you all, a musical song, but this version in particular is from the film 'Phantom of the Opera', starring Gerard Butler as the Phantom, the song brings chill's to my spine no matter when i hear it, (First classical piece i learnt on guitar). This song always makes me think of my Pop who sadly passed away in 2015, He was a BIG musical fan and Jazz, my mum also used to flog this movie to death as well as the soundtrack. (also one of the most expensive and first vinyl records i bought) I first grew to love this song when i saw the musical live, it blew my mind, in fact i think i cried? i was quite young. There isn't much else i can say about this track other than the fact that whenever it plays it still makes me teary.

Album: The Phantom of the Opera SOUNDTRACK - Year: 2004

5. Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova - Falling Slowly
The only other person i know that loved this song as much as me is user: concussions aka @jas (the most loveliest lady i have ever had the opportunity to meet). Just like the last 2 songs, this was another i have found out about from my mum, who actually found this from my Pop!
This song is the signature song from the movie 'Once'. a CLASSIC if you have not seen it, the song itself, the guitar work and piano work just blows me away, the lyrics are emotional and filled with love, the duet brings a chill to your spine when the song picks up in pace, its a song that makes you sad, happy, loved, upset and everything all at once. its a banga if i do say so myself.

Album: Once SOUNDTRACK - Year: 2006

6. Hinder - The Best is Yet to Come
This band unfortunately was a one hit wonder band with their track 'Lips of an Angel' (trust me you will know it if you listen to it. But i dedicate this spot to this track, why? i really am not sure, but when i think about Hinder, this is the first song that always comes to my head, its the track i can listen to a hundred times on repeat and wont be sick of it, the song itself is about just learning to live with classic teenager things and situations, do things you are scared to do, and have fun with it. Don't dwell on the past and live life. Hinder is a very under-rated band and this is a very under-rated song, it might not be as impacting or single hit wise as others, but the message is as strong as a song written for a charity.

Album: Take it to the Limit - Year: 2008

7. Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah
Hallelujah, often mistaken as his song, it is not. It was actually written by the late Leonard Cohen, This version though... its brilliant, its a 10/10 track, its a song that was covered so uniquely and different, that i'm sure Leonard himself would of granted the rights to Jeff. Jeff himself sadly passed away on May 29, 1997, this day 20 years ago.. what a coincidence? His album Grace of which this track came from, (his only album) is a beautiful album, suitable for a cover of this song, this song is a singalong, everyone knows it, usually from the Shrek soundtrack, AGAIN this is another track i have found due to my mum, and man i listened to this song more than anything back in school, on repeat for days and days, kinda low-key glad no one ever found out i was addicted to such a song haha. its an amazing song, i really suggest taking time out of your day to listen to this, even if you know it or you do not, its a gem and its a masterpiece.

Album: Grace - Year: 1994

8. Relient K - Who i am Hates who ive Been
Maybe its the length of the title, or maybe its the sheer fact that the album was called 'mmhmm', but this was actually the first song i ever purchased on iTunes, and i do not regret it one bit, Relient K, a christian pop punk band produced this BANGA of an album, and a bloody brilliant track, the song itself is using piano , guitar work and amazing vocals/lyrics, and it all merges together so well. I remember sitting on the bus every day to school listening to this song at least once a trip because it made me feel good, it made me feel like ive done something spectacular, (still not really sure why, must of been the lyrics). Its a great song for anyone who doesn't really listen to pop punk and would like to get into it, it definitely dragged me down the hole of no return!

Album: mmhmm - Year: 2004

9. The Getaway Plan - Where the City Meets the Sea
Another track that only me and @Jas seem to remember, maybe its our Australianess. The song itself is as well nearly a singalong, around where i am from, when this track comes on, everyone screams the lyrics, its a anthem for the 2000's, i have to admit i don't know much about this song or what its about, but i can still manage to listen to it without getting sick of it, (funny fact, turned out i knew the band quite well since i used to know them from my town, but never realised it was the same guys!) the song itself is kinda a pop punk track, but with a rock atmosphere to it, it produces a great feeling when listening, like when you are walking and that song comes on and you just up your pace and nearly imagine you are in a music video, its a real classic of a song and if you are from Australia i can assure you, you know this song.

Album: Other Voices, Other Rooms. - Year: 2008

10. Simple Plan - Everytime
Another sad song about a girl (who would guess???), Simple Plan, probably the first favourite band i ever had, and most listened band i have ever known, This song itself is actually a very unknown song compared to most of their other hits (Jet Lag, I'm Just a Kid, Perfect). The song is based around a young couple who must of broken it off sadly, and the man in the story is still stuck behind thinking about her, i have to admit i listened to this song ALOT after my first real relationship (how pathetic), the song is a real beauty, its a cliche structure, cliche lyrics, cliche song in general, but man its frickin GOOD, and if i had to choose between knowing this song and living with the pain the circumstance caused me at the time, or never having it, id choose this song every time (hehe).

Album: Still not getting any - Year: 2004

alright i guess that's my top 10 songs i can think of, if you actually learn some new music because of this please let me know, id love to hear some feedback on these tracks and what some of your favourite tunes are, i might make another one of these one day, maybe with albums in general or just artists. Thank you for reading!
Yours sincerely,
Shaun aka muddlets
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Seth on 3 June 2017 12:54 AM
oooo good list!!!!
Informal on 30 May 2017 8:51 PM
Good song list b, this takes me waaaaay back
paddleboard on 30 May 2017 8:08 AM
Will listen to all of these later
Rachy on 29 May 2017 3:32 PM
I actually enjoyed reading this! Some music reviews are boring as hell on other websites from other people, but the way you've described the song and explaining why you like it and other reasons was very interesting! I look forward to more of your music reviews if you ever do any others in the future! :)
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