I Just Love Dogs...

Posted on 11 June 2017

So I have a dog. His name is Hercules Ragnar Spartacus Maximus Rufus My Last Name, but I usually just call him Brown Dog. He's a pretty cool dog ya know. Like, he has really pretty eyes (they're green), and he has this goofy smile he does when he is just happy as can be. I adopted him from my friend after she originally got him for $25 from some random lady. Her dad told her she couldn't have a dog so I took him instead. That was just over four years ago now, yet he is still the biggest baby I know and I will never stop calling him my puppy. He is currently sleeping on my bed in his American Flag bandanna he got from the groomers today after getting his nails cut and I just felt like I needed to write about him. Also, I have to take him to the vet next week because he hurt his paw and he hATES the vet, so if I go missing....it was my dog.


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It's me, Paddleboard!!!! I love food and dogs...but not dogs as food :(
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