Reply: Interesting facts about yourself 31 Dec 2018 1:55 AM
1) I'm always sleeping.

2) I absolutely love The Beatles and my favorite Beatle is George Harrison.

3) My first concert was Hannah Montana/Jonas Brothers in 2006 and I was 11 :P I have the ticket still.

4) My dream job was to be a writer and I threw that away to help the elderly, and I don't think I've ever been so happy.

5) I have a horror book collection, even tho I don't really read much.

6) I love to go on adventures, looking for people to possibly go into abandoned places with.

7) I have the smallest hands and fingers and tbh they're always soft as hell.

8) I'm always open to making more friends from Habbo, I love meeting people from around the world.

9) I recently bought a guitar so I could play just like George Harrison, but it hurts my fingers and it makes me not want to play it. And, my cousin broke my string so.. happy days :).

10) I'm never good with advice but I am the perfect shoulder to cry on because I have no emotions LMAO

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