Find those green tiles!

Whew! What a confusing game!

Step 1

Step in the area in front of the door to teleport to the teleporter. Enter the teleport.

Step 2

You have to step on all five green tiles for the Matroyoshka Doll in the center of the room to increase in size.

Step on this green tile.

Stand on the spot highlighted in green for the ladder to appear on the right of the room.

When the ladder appears, step on the spot highlighted in green to teleport to the green tile.

Stand in the area and use the Toy Shop Market Stall Insert highlighted in Green to open the rope divider.

Then step on the green tile shown.

Use the Forgotten Toy Chest to open the aquamarine gate below.

Use the switch to move the wall and there will be a green tile shown. Step on the green tile.

Sit on the seat behind the dragon to open the curtains.

There will be a green tile in the area highlighted in green, step on it.

When all the tiles have been stepped on, step on the pressure plates that appear to receive your badge. You will receive either a 2018 Christmas Turtle or a Santa Matroyoshka Doll.