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Are you ready to run in the cold?

Step 1

Wait for the gates to open when the timer reaches 4:58. The gates will close at 4:35 so be sure to enter the area before then. You have 5 minutes to complete the entire course.

Step 2

Make it past the rollers without falling onto the color tiles.

Step 3

Avoid the moving dolls and make it to the other side.

Step 4

Make it past the area by stepping onto the moving green tiles. Do not step on the red tiles.

Step 5

"Use" the one way gates to make it through this area without falling off the rollers.

Step 6

Stay on the rollers by waiting for the green color tiles to roll off as you step onto the next one. Use the squirrel as a guide for timing. A good trick is to click on the next roller as you are falling off.

Step 7

Avoid falling off the rollers and getting blocked by the smelly cats.

Step 8

Avoid stepping on the Versatile Victorian Blocks and "use" the one way gates to help you navigate through the course.

Step 9

Sit on the pillow to receive your badge!