Winter City Christmas Items

Will you craft all these new clothings?

Winter City Christmas crafting is finally here! Here is a quick guide on what you will need in order to craft, how you can get the required items and what you can create.

Step 1

You will need the matroyoshka dolls in order to craft which you can get from the shop or from doing the game in The Big Habbo Christmas Game. The Red Matroyoshka Dolls will cost 3 credits and 3 diamonds from the shop and when clicked they will become smaller different coloured dolls. The Santa Matroyoshka Dolls can be gotten from the Christmas Games.

Alternatively, you can buy the matroyoshka dolls from the marketplace.

Step 2

Before you can start using your matroyoshka dolls to craft, you will also need to purchase a Nutcracker (crafting table) for 10 credits from the shop.

Alternatively, you can buy one from the marketplace.

Step 3

You are now ready to craft! Place your Nutcracker (crafting table) in a room and double click it to access the crafting menu. Here, you will be able to select what you want to make and also view the necessary matroyoshka dolls needed for it.

Below, is a list of all the different combinations of matroyoshka dolls you can use to create different items from the new Christmas clothing.