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Are you ready to go through level 7?


Step 1

Wear your secret badges from previous games, Level 2 and Level 5.

Then, step on the pressure plate highlighted below to build your ladder.

Make your way to the top of the ladder.


Step 2

Enter the teleport.


Step 3

Make your way to the arrow tile highlighted in red below.

Avoid the moving rats and cursed traps as they will teleport you to the centre of the room. Buried zombie traps will slow you down.

Note: The game resets every 2 minutes so you will be teleported out if you have not reached the arrow tile.


If you get hit by a rat, you will be teleported here. You will be teleported back to the game area once timer runs out.

Step 4

Enter the teleport.


Step 5

Make your way to the teleport whilst wearing the secret badge from Level 6.

Enter the teleport to receive your badge.