Fertilize the garden with the pixel poop!

Step 1

Step on the arrow tile shown below.

Enter the teleport.

Step 2

Wait in line for your turn.

Step on the toilet inside the tool shed and wait for the leafy crawler to disappear.

Note: If you do not move within few seconds, you get kicked out of room.

Use the arrow tiles to move 4 pixel poop to the pressure plates. You have to use the sewers to access the other pressure plates.

To use the sewers, move the pixel poop to the holes and use the switch to descend into the sewer. To get out of the sewer, move the pixel poop to the circle tiles and use the switch.

Note: You only have 2 minutes to complete this.

You will receive a secret badge when you move the pixel poop to the left most pressure plate.

Once you have moved all pixel poop to all 4 pressure plates, run to all the flower patches and water them.

Note: You only have 40 seconds to complete this.

Walk over to this grass patch to receive the second secret badge.

When you have watered all the flowers, flick the switch to receive your last badge.