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Help Habaddin find his lamp!


Step 1

Wait for Habib to finish his story.

Enter Teleport when he's finished.


Step 2

Flick any of the 3 switches for the teleport to appear.

Enter the teleport that appears.


Step 3

Enter the teleports shown below.


Step 4

Wait in the queue.


Step 5

Using the arrow tiles, guide the bot to the yellow tiles with the shadow.

Do this before the scorpion reaches the red colour tile.

Enter the teleport


Step 6

Habaddin had received a mute for saying some bad words.

To get rid of the mute you have to find the correct staff to present a gift to.

When the correct staff is found you will be teleported.

Enter the teleport.


Step 7

Flick all 5 switches shown below withing a minute.

Once all 5 switches have been flicked 4 more switches will appear.

Flick any of the switches that appear.

Enter the teleport.


Step 8

Wait in the queue.

Push the puzzle box to the stella tile while avoiding the scorpions.

You have a minute to complete this.

When gate opens walk through it.

Sit on the Desert Kingdom Throne to receive your badge!