Are you familiar with pop songs?

Well, I don't care.

Step 1

Say port2 or just walk to it and enter this teleport.

Step 2

Step on the stage as shown to teleport to rollers.

Wait in line for your turn.

Once in the game, you have 3 minutes to race against your opponent while completing the following.

Get across the rollers to the gate while avoiding the pressure plates which will trip you. The gate will open for you to pass through.

To get through this stage, step on 1 then 2.

Make your way across the rollers and avoid getting tripped by the pressure plates again.

Use the thoroughbred stallion to get to the end which you have to do twice. You can flick the switch for the thoroughbred stallion to start over at the pressure plate.

If you're the first to reach the end, enter the one way gate and step on A as highlighted to receive your badge and pandas.