Ahoy matey! Can you remember where the bottles are?

Note: You need to wear the badge from Level 5 to access this level.

Step 1

Step on the tile highlighted below.

Enter the teleporter.

Step 2

Wait patiently in line.

Once in the game, you will have to quickly memorise the arrangement of where the 4 pairs of matching Glass Bottles are. Notice that there will be 4 empty spaces so you will have to figure out the position of those Glass Bottles once in the game.

When the game starts, you have 45 seconds to match the same Glass Bottles together by stepping on the tiles. 

Once you select a tile, you must step on its pair's tile before stepping on any other tiles or else you will lose.

Once you have correctly paired all the Glass Bottles together, you will receive your badge after a few seconds.

Note: The Glass Bottles are positioned in one of the two arrangements shown below.