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Help the town out and earn yourself some treats!

Note: Once you get an reward or a badge, head back to the Town Square to enter another room.

Step 1

Enter this teleport.


Step 2

Find the correct zombie trap that will open the cursed portcullis (the correct one is random).

Step on the gates shown below once they are open.


Step 3

Lie down on the Torture Rack shown below to receive your badge!


Step 4

Enter this Teleport.


Step 5

Step on the blood shown below to open the jail door.


Step 6

Step on the tile highlighted below to receive your badge!


Step 7

Enter this Teleport.

Say "Mary Shelley" to receive a blue hippo.


Step 8

Enter this Teleport.


Step 9

Wait in line for your turn.


Step 10

Use the arrow tiles to guide the mariachi skeleton to the green tile.

Use the blood drips as a guide for which direction to move in.

When the mariachi skeleton is on the green tile, step on the middle ringplate to receive your blue hippo.

Note: You have a minute to complete this.


Step 11

Enter this Teleport.


Step 12

Find the correct chair to receive a badge.

Note: The correct chair changes every second.


Step 13

Enter this Teleport.


Step 14

Light the candles highlighted in pink by using the switches highlighted in orange.

If a zombie hits you, the candles go out.

When all four candles are lit, type "Done" to proceed.


Step 15

Walk on and off the water to get the badge, the reward you receive is random so you will either receive a salmon furni or the skull badge.

Keep walking until you get the badge.