Welcome to our first edition of Weekly Bites!

Here we will recap everything thats been happening on HabboBites.

In the next addition of Weekly Bites, we will include user submitted content - more info can be found here



We've brought out so many competitions here on HabboBites and we're only just getting started.

For those who are still new to the site, we currently have these competitions running:

Pixel Art Competition - win credits, points, bites club and a chance to have your items featured in our bites shop

Support Squad - win 200 bites points

Story of Hubert - win an Azure Chest of Light and 20 bites points

Build and Win - win 20 credits, points, achievements

HabboBites Carnival - win up to 50 credits, username icons and site achievement

There is still a chance for you to enter these competitions so make sure you check them out before the deadline!


HabboBites Carnival

We're already one week in with another week left to go of our HabboBites Carnival.

In that week alone, we've given out 360 credits to six different winners - Tektar, Urgency, Kingdoms., Alphaet, Armset, Alexthedoc

If you've never participated in our Carnival then you've only got one week left to do so. It'll be your chance to win big credits, username icons and more!

We'd like to thank our amazing graphic artist Polybotes who made all the username icons and site achievements for this event.

Here are her creations:

We have some honourable mentions - these people have tried their hardest in our carnivals and they always seem to get so close yet so far to winning the carnival!

Though they may not have won the final prize, they've definitely won our hearts by showing their amazing dedication in attending most of our carnival events as well as their hard efforts in completing the carnival games. 

These three users - ClavKris, AsianDaisy and ..Char! have each won themselves 20 credits each!

Check out our events schedule for future carnival times!



It's not a promise but we'll try our best to update the poll questions as much as possible. 

In the past, we asked you whether you're team #PixelArt or team #RoomBuilding and here are the results:

Pixel Art - 54
Room Building - 77
None - 33

The new poll question can be found on our homepage and will be updated next week.


Bites Shop

The bites shop has had a few new additions you may or may not know about.

Many of our users have been sporting the new username colours - Purple&Pink and Blue&Purple.

These colours can only be bought by Bites Club members so if you don't see them in your bites shop, its most likely you've got 0 days in your membership.

Our rainbow coloured username has also had a slight change and the colours now appear more darker than what it used to be - yay for less distracting colours!


Lastly in bites club, a Frank username icon can be bought for 100 points 


We're letting you customise your profile even more with the addition of Profile Tabs which can be purchased in the bites shop.

By purchasing this, you can add a tab on your profile and edit it to your liking.

Its entirely up to you how you design your tabs, you may want to dedicate a tab full of random images or may want to list all your favourite songs - its all on you!

Check out some of our user profiles and have a little peak at their unique profile tabs!



We've added yet another new feature to HabboBites!

Whenever you send in your song requests, it will be recorded in our Weekly Charts.

The more times a song gets requested, the higher it will be placed in our weekly charts.

The top five songs on HabboBites radio last week were:

1. Lukas Graham - 7 Years 

2. Gavin James - The Book of Love

3. Years & Years - Meteorite

4. Neiked - Sexual 

5. Suicide Squad - Sucker For Pain

If you'd like to see your song on our weekly charts, make sure you send in a request whenever our DJs are on air! 


That's all for our first edition of Weekly Bites - we will be back every Monday

Remember, you can submit your own content to be featured in future editions of Weekly Bites and be rewarded for it!

This weeks theme for Fashion Frenzy is 'Carnival' in light of our HabboBites Carnival event!