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Top of the mornin'!

It's time to test your luck on our competition in anticipation of St. Patrick's Day! While maintaining an appropriate amount of sobriety from the devil's nectar, head on down to a Spot the Difference room created by the amazing Gina. Everybody who correctly solves the puzzle will recieve the brand-new Leprechaun Hat icon (designed by Stacey). For more information, check out the main article over here.

Random Recommendations

Drama Queen by Milk.

The song is really good, even if it did take some time for me to like it. The lyrics itself are super #relatable because I am indeed a drama queen and this is a direct attack on me confirmed.

This week's random recommendation was submitted by Jamie.


Last week we asked you "Do you think it will ever snow in Singapore?and here are the results:

No - 4

Definitely not - 1

The world will end first - 12

One can dream - 10

All of the above - 4

No again - 0

It seems that our community is quite certain that it will never, ever, snow in Singapore and if it does it is a sign that the planet is falling apart. I am glad that this has been established. A new poll question will be up shortly, be sure to answer and find out the results next week!

Silly Speeches

This week's silly speech was submitted by Jamie.

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