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Last week we asked you "What are your thoughts on the new Golden Sceptre credit furni on Habbo?and here are the results:

It's cool - 8

It's weird - 4

Why...? - 5

Nope from me - 4

Not worth the credits - 8

None of the above - 1

Is anybody really THAT surprised that they could bulk purchase numerous gilded naughty poles? I think not. A new poll question will be up shortly, be sure to answer and find out the results next week!

Somewhere, beyond the sea.

Perhaps not too far beyond, because this week's competition is celbrating our favourite shelled reptiles! That's right, it is time to learn some more about turtles. Just head on over to this article, guess the room's password, and post a screenshot of yourself in the room on our feed in order to participate. Don't forget that you will also walk away with new information about our aquatic friends.

Princehooligan's Playlist

Because we’re out of ideas, we asked our lovely Senior Content Producer, Princehooligan, to compile a playlist of songs that he would to share with our community. We realized that nobody would listen to a full playlist he posted (which would have likely contained every song by BTS) so we asked him to limit it to 5 songs. The following are the songs that he recommends (and which we may cast our judgement upon):

Boy with luv by BTS
Nightmare by Halsey
no more time by flor
Echoes by John Floreani
Hercules by Fly Away Hero

Thanks Princehooligan for sharing his music recommendations and don't forget that you can also share yours by sending in a request to a Radio DJ on air!

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