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One small step for man..

And hopefully one pain-free experience for our strange looking friend. This week's competition is asking you to build your own planet on Habbo and share your entry on the feed with the tag #SpaceExploration. For more information about the competition, check out the main article over here.

Member Spotlight

If you are wondering why your Habbo-Twitter feeds are not being clogged up with the usual dose of online drama, then look no further! The culprit behind this commotion is none other than Coboye and she has agreed to speak with me (after a few hours of begging, of course). I asked her right away to tell me why she decided to flex so hard on Habbo. She replied: "Oh my god, of course I have....nt! I promise!" This was not the answer I was expected at all and I even confirmed if my hearing was correct. She continued: "Yes, of course I have....nt done something like that." She is clearly hiding something so I decided to ask her a different question instead. I asked her if she has any plans for the future that she would like to share with me. She responded: "Why, to awaken the the old robot masters of cour–Wait, am I supposed to reveal that?" She then disappeared immediately before I could ask for any further clarification.

You can check out her profile here (and don't forget to look at her creations tab as well) and stay tuned for more Member Spotlights in the future!


Last week we asked you "What is your ideal pet dog size?and here are the results:

Small - 7

Medium - 4

Large - 0

I love all doggos - 19

None of the above - 1

It's clear that our community's adoration for man's best friend has no bounds! A new poll question will be up shortly, be sure to answer and find out the results next week!

Snake, snake, slithering snake.

It's time to celebrate World Snakes Day (for the limbless reptile) with HabboBites at our latest badge event prepared by our amazing builders team! Head on over to the guide over here and don't forget to mark it as completed once you receive the badge.


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