Weekly Bites #30

Welcome to the 30th Weekly Bites! 

Here we will recap everything thats been happening on HabboBites as well as feature user-submitted content.

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Chicken Rice vs. Chili Crab


In celebration of Singapore's upcoming 52nd birthday, we have another new campaign for you all to take part in! All you need to do is to go to the Bites Shop (by clicking your name in the top-right corner of the page) and purchasing the Campaign Pack (pictured below) to be assigned to a team. You can check out more information about the current campaign here, and to see the current leaderboard here.



Silly Speeches


This week's silly speech was submitted by Taiwanasian.



Ask The Staff


We asked the staff "If you had one superpower, what would it be and why?" and here are some of the responses:


My SuperPower would be to  Freeze stuff, like you know pause and play??? Well yeah anyways it's that, so sometimes when people are talking or you just don't want them to talk to you or anything you can just freeze them. MAKE EM STUCK!!!!! It might also help you with alot of stuff. e.g like spilled drinks or things about to fall etc. xx C: - Katherine

if i were to have 1 superpower, it would be teleportation. I am often late for my appointments so teleporting makes it super easy. i could just wake up prepare and pshhhhh tadaaa i reached my location without wasting time on transporation 😛 - SemoLaiDe

I would want mind reading, because I am able to know what one is thinking and it is to cool to know what is someone thinking about. For instances, someone's impression of you, what are their thought processes etc 😃 - refiragon

To be invincible so that I can throw mud at ppl who pisses me off - Rose

My super power would be to talk to animals, so this way I would be able to know what they are saying and be able to help them - Dani

I want a superpower which i can produce as many pikachu as i can - BryanYH

I want my superpower to be the ability to give and remove others' superpowers then make my own justice league (I can give any power) - IAmReallyBored

If I had one superpower, I'd fly or teleport just because travelling and getting on buses and stuff is so much effort! And it would make work more fun to look forward to because it's really just the travelling that puts me off going to work. Idk. - Taiwanasian

I want to have the ability to speak all languages, something like a polyglot. I would be able to travel around the whole world, converse with everyone I meet and learn so much more. The language barrier would no longer exist, allowing me to fully experience a different culture. - Sary



Hidden Hideouts


Room Name : (l9) :: Tiny Greenhouse Loft.

Room Owner : icearbr

The room above was submitted by Toast, to visit the room please click here.



Build a Coffee Shop


Do you enjoy drinking coffee? Are you a frequent coffee-chain customer? Or maybe even dream of owning your own coffee shop someday? What you need to do is build your own coffee shop and post it to the feed with the tag #MyCoffeeShop, as well as the tag #AmericanoToGo or #FrapuccinoToGo (not both), to participate! For more information, please make sure to click here.





Last week we asked you "Which is your favourite water-sport?" and here are the results:

Surfing - 3

Swimming - 48

Rowing - 4

Sailing - 4

Fishing - 4

Skiing - 2

Clearly we need to go shut down the Lido 2.0! A new poll question will be up shortly, be sure to answer and find out the results next week!



Fashion Frenzy


The theme last week was "Super Mario Bros.", here are some of the entries :


princess peach fel asleep on a bench now she lookin extra peachy By : jen

Donkey Kong By : Shaun


Next weeks theme is "Naruto" so get creative and start dressing up!



HabboBites Snapshots


That's all for our 30th edition of Weekly Bites - we will be back every Monday.

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