Welcome to the 37th Weekly Bites! 

Here we will recap everything thats been happening on HabboBites as well as feature user-submitted content.

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Weekly Bites' 1st Birthday!


Thank you to everybody for your support towards Weekly Bites through submitting content and always reading the articles. We would not have been able to achieve this milestone without you! You can check out the first Weekly Bites article here and you can see how much our wonderful community has grown.


In celebration of this occasion, the Sunset username has been released in the Username Colours section of the Bites Shop.


Also, the Frank icon has been re-released in the Bites Club section of the Bites Shop.


These will only be available for a limited amount of time, so get yours while you can!



Silly Speeches


This week's silly speech was submitted by Taiwanasian.





Last week we asked you "Would you buy the upcoming iPhone X?" and here are the results:

Yes - 9

No - 25

I only use Samsung devices - 16

I would if it was cheaper.. - 18

It's surprising to see how a lot of people won't sell their souls to Apple. A new poll question will be up shortly, be sure to answer and find out the results next week!



Elegant by Design


Are you an artist? Have you ever wanted to modify or make an addition to an existing furni line? Well this is the competition for you! You need to make a furniture design/modification based off of Habbo's newest Elegant furni line and post it to the feed with the tag #ElegantByDesign. All participants will recieve a site achievement designed by Xenid herself! For more information, please check out the main article here.



Fashion Frenzy


The theme last week was "RuPaul's Drag Race", here are some of the entries :


Gia GunnBy : angeliciousidol

Sasha Velour Season 9 RPDR Episode 11 on category: Rainbow-She-Betta-DoBy : mironic_


Next weeks theme is "Dr. Seuss" so get creative and start dressing up!



HabboBites Snapshots


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