My Habbo Experince

Posted on 26 January 2019

Back in 2010/11 KimStar arrived to Habbo Denmark, he and i got freinds. I start worked with him, and become "preview builder"

I Got all new furniture before other, to build and show other users what to come.
I remember the School furniture.
Later on 2011/12 unfortenly, we got to mutch freinds, and he borrowed me 2 White Icecream Machine, wish NOT was released in Denmark, and the trouble begond.

KimStart gor fired and Xebal toke over. He and i allso got freinds, but we keep it cool :)
Then they closed Habbo Denmark, Sweden and Norway - BIG lost but Habbo gave me 4000 credits, 1 years HC and 1 years BC to keep playing on Habbo uk, and i still playing :)

Thanks for reading

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