The Monsters Under My Bed

Posted on 26 June 2017

Hey guys! In this post, I'm going to be talking about things that scare me the most. Don't get creeped out! We all have things that we fear, and it's completely normal if you do too! (SO MANY EXCLAMATIONS) (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Enjoy!

1) Insect Noises At Night - I don't know why, but those weird buzzing noises that insects make at night (or is it just my neighborhood) scare me a lot. I have to clutch my backpack very tightly when I go get milk in the late evenings.
2) Long Nails - People with long nails just scare me so much dude. Like, in 4th Grade my teacher had extremely long nails, and every time she used to call me, she'd tap my on the back with her nails. Eek!
3) 12 Midnight - If I'm alone at home, and it's about to be midnight, I force myself to go to sleep, because, like, 12 MIDNIGHT?! (It's okay if peeps are with me, asleep or not)
4) Clock Noises - The sounds that a clock makes, "tick tock, tick tock", really scares me. Which is also why I hate awkward silences.

Well, um, I'm not that big of a coward, so I guess that's it? And I'm pretty sure I can brave through everything I listed above, but they still scare me. Comment down below what scares YOU the most! Shoutout to everyone who's subscribed to my blog. Thank you! And, YOU better subscribe too!

Stay awesome, Kitty Kats xoxo

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