Society Game Review

Posted on 23 May 2017

Decided to turn my blog into some variety show review since I was so bored... 

So the first variety show that I'm gonna talk about is 'Society Game'. It is a show under TVN which i happened to chance upon when finding new shows to watch. The idea of the show is pretty interesting and rather creative. Basically there are 22 contestants participating in this reality show where they will be sorted into 2 different village based on the 'results' they attained on the first day. I will try to keep it as brief as possible so that I won't spoiler anything. 

The 2 villages are Nopdong - where players vote for 1 leader everyday meaning that the leader can possibly change every single day. 
     Madong - where the leader elected on the first day will continue to be the leader unless someone started a rebellion against him.

There are some other hidden rules here and there but I won't elaborate it further.  

Everyday, both village will go against each other in a game which involves : Mental, dexterity and physical. The losing village will have to eliminate which will be decided by the leader and the winning village will win $$ which will be split based on the leader's will. At the end of the 14 days, there will only be 3 participants including the leader who will be participating in the challenge. So at the end of the day, the leader gets to decide the final team. 

What's good about the show: 
There's a lot of plot twist here and there in both villages. Knowing how important the leader is, you will see different behaviours of the participants, strategic alliance etc. Sometimes it might get cruel here and there. Even though it's a mock society with only 11 people in each society things just doesn't go as well as what we think.

My POV: I was supporting one of the village since the first day and I always rooted for them. There are certain betrayals that I couldn't accept and some of the political schemes which they came up with left me in awe. The concept of the show is pretty original and if you are those who are willing to try out new things to watch, this might be a good show because it's quite different from rest. However, this show might not be as comical as other varieties show since this is more like a survival rather than a comedy.

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