Crime Scene Review

Posted on 24 May 2017

My spacebar went on a strike since yesterday but it suddenly decided to cooperate so I came to type some stuff before it dies again. My second review will be based on this JTBC variety show 'Crime Scene'. There are a total of 3 seasons and the season 3 is still showing in Korea right now.
How I came to know this variety show:
I was at a friend's house for her birthday celebration and they introduced this show to me. I started watching season 2 first and afterwards I went back to watch season 1 because I fell in love with this show.However tbh, season 2 was 10x better than season 1 because they revamped the format of the show by shortening 1 crime to 1 single episode instead of 2 and introducing a detective (I love the cast in season 2 much more as well - the cast in season 2 are smarter and funnier!!! )
What is this show about:
For every season, the structure of the show is basically similar, there will be 5 permanent cast and 1 guest every episode. They will each pick a role and on the role cards they will be notified if they are the suspects or the murderer. During the show, they will act out based on their roles but whatever information they know is solely based on their own character. They will have to deduce the murderer at the show after finding
evidence and clues at the crime scene.
The casts usually work really hard to find evidence to find the murderer and prove themselves innocent since there are prize money involved.  If the players manage to find the murderer at the end of the episode, players who have voted for the murderer will win themselves ₩1,000,000. If the murderer manages to escape, the murderer will be winning all the money from the other players. Therefore, regardless if you are the suspect or the murderer, you will try your best to be prevent others from voting for you.
The game is relatively fair for everyone since there are clues that pinpoint at every single suspect. Even if that player is the murderer, there won't be overwhelming evidence pointing at a single person. There are decisive clues hidden around that are required to be found. If you are someone who loves mystery and using your brain to deduce stuff, this will be a perfect variety show for you. Even though you are not in the game, you can always use the clues found by the cast to make your own deduction.
I'm someone who loves mysteries and animes like Detective Conan, Danganronpa  etc, therefore I really love watching such variety shows. China bought the copyrights for the show so there's currently a china version as well (they buy everything -.- )
Anyways, if you want something relaxing and funny, this might not be the show for you - it kills brain cells.
If anyone is interested to start this variety show, I will really encourage you to start from SEASON 2. The episodes don't link so it's fine! Season 2 is the best!! Season 3 was slightly disappointing for me but hopefully it will improve soon!
If you are reading this line right now. I love ya!

Comments (3)
Kreasa on 30 May 2017 7:59 PM
@princehooligan did you start it yet? You like it?
@hurricane my friend introduced it to me! I finished both seasons :D
Princehooligan on 25 May 2017 9:42 PM
Omg might watch
Hurricane on 25 May 2017 8:36 PM
Seems interesting! Watched Danganronpa 1, it is quite nice
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