The Adventure

Posted on 23 May 2017

Note: This was an entry for a story-telling competition I took part in :)

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Under the starry night, as I lay my head on the pixelated purple sleeping bag with my trusty green katana by my side, I gazed upon the ancient stars as they filled the sky one by one and listened to the rustling of the leaves in the jungle. Adventure is love, adventure is life and adventure is nothing without experiencing it with my closest companions: PinkishPhoenix, -SBSTransit, Mr.Bryian and Guitarenchi. 
“Hey guys. I gotta go pee.” He interrupted his own bongos session with the urgent announcement, got up and left but the rest of us just carried on with whatever we were doing. Suddenly, we heard a girly scream coming from the trees behind us. We grabbed our weapons and firefly lanterns, cautiously approaching the trees. 

We found Mr.Bryian, face-planted into a pile of leaves and his pants all wet. We were struggling to hold in our laughter at the sight of this embarrassing moment until mr.bryian spoke.

He mumbled, his face still planted into the pile of leaves while struggling to get up.
“Can you not be so tragic mr.bryian? We can’t hear what you’re mumbling about.” Guitarenchi spoke with such sass as she attempted to keep her face straight but inevitably let out a few chuckles here and there. Mr.Bryian pointed to his feet and there it was. A jungle boombox. It was … playing something. We couldn’t hear it clearly. PinkishPhoenix picked up the boombox as –SBSTransit helped Mr.Bryian up from his embarrassing fall. 

As PinkishPhoenix attempted to make sense of what the jungle boombox was playing, she accidentally dropped it onto the jungle floors. The jungle boombox literally broke into two and amongst the jungle boombox pieces, there were several scrolls lying on the ground. We unraveled the parchment paper scrolls and examined it carefully under our firefly lanterns. It’s a map along with a handwritten letter!

The Treasures of HabboBites Temple

To whoever,

If you’re reading this letter, it means I am no longer here. The legends were true. I have seen it for myself. The legends of the treasures of HabboBites Temple. It was said that Funkyhabbo collected the rare treasures and hid them in the temple. I have barely made it out alive out of the rigged temple along with the knowledge I gained from it. I have written down whatever I know and drew a map. I hope you would fulfill my legacy and I wish you many luck in this epic journey to awesomeness.
But be careful of the traps within the anci…

Drops of blood could be seen on this ancient parchment paper. We could only imagined what had happened next. We examined the other scroll. It seems that the temple was located at a nearby island judging by the coordinates given. 
We looked at each other, baffled by our accidental discovery. It took us a whole minute to absorb what we have found and one by one, we grinned. We knew what this meant. It was fate as another adventure awaits. 

Chapter 2: The Journey
We arrived on ‘Aki Bay, also known as the famous Bites Port, where trade flourished and merchants became successful. I approached cara1989 who was standing in front of a “For Rent” sign as the others followed my lead. Behind her, a large sailing boat equipped with 4 pirate cannons stood tall and it was more than enough to fit us all along with our supplies. Our jaws dropped. 

“We don’t need a boat this large. It’s going to be tragically expensive like 5gbs or something.” Guitarenchi says as she looked away to examine other boats and calculate the cost in her head mentally. She has always been the accountant of our group. 

“Who cares how much it’s going cost? We’re gonna be rich once we get to that island.” Mr.bryian bickered with guitarenchi behind me.

I turned and nodded towards PinkishPhoenix and –SBSTransit to do their routine: to stop the fight. I turned to cara1989 and tried to negotiate the rental price of the boat but as soon as she mentioned the price, I went into shock. It was surprisingly cheap! 50c?! For this beauty? As a boat lover myself, I screamed internally at such a bargain. Immediately, we paid her a gb and boarded the ship. 
PinkishPhoenix informed the captain of the coordinates while the rest of us waved our goodbyes to cara1989 as the ship led us closer to our goal. The rest scattered off into different directions, exploring every inch of the ship. I remained to savor the view of Bites Port. However, as I looked to cara1989’s figure slowly diminished, I swear I could see her smiling and it was not in a good way. 

It was not that easy to locate the island but alas, as the sun began to set, we managed to capture a glimpse of the island. Once we’ve arrived, the captain lowered the anchor and dock the boat wherever he saw suitable. We jumped off the boat and head off into the jungles while thanking the captain and the crew members. We scavenged through the dense jungles and finally saw a huge temple after hours and hours of non-stop searching. 

There was no stopping us now. We decided to proceed with our plan without any rest. We brought our firefly lanterns and observed the beautiful structure of HabboBites Temple. The entrance to the temple were so full of vines that we had to use our katanas to make a path. We stepped into the temple and all of a sudden, fires were lit on the walls. Our eyes took some time to adjust to the brightness. Out of the blue, a voice could be heard echoing in the room. 

“Welcome to HabboBites Temple brave adventurers. So do you have what it takes to steal my treasure? First you’ll have to pass this test” the voice echoed. 

The setting … it was familiar. There was a Sands of Times hourglass beside the white pod situated at the front with gates surrounding it. It’s … Danger Zone. Suddenly, we were teleported into the arena and 10 glowballs emerged and began to move on their own. We were too shocked to realise what was happening. Suddenly, -SBSTransit shrieked as one of the glowballs touched her. She was teleported back to the entrance. She stepped on a tile and was then teleported back to the arena. Our instincts took over and we dodged the glowballs, one by one, while spam running to the seats beside us. We just have to beat the hourglass. Beads of perspiration formed on our faces and backs. Every now and then, we took a quick glance at the hourglass. We’re winning this. 

All of us ran towards the pod and every one of us was teleported to a small, darkly lit room. We saw a dark silhouette sitting on what seems to be a headmaster’s chair. We hung our firefly lanterns and lit a couple of torches, placing them all around the room. There he was, Funkyhabbo. His remains were barely holding onto Donnie Santini’s Helmet and behind him were approximately 50 treasure chests. We’ve finally did it. 
We examined his corpse and found ninja stars lodged into his skull. Why didn’t they take the treasure? Did Funkyhabbo’s bodyguards chased the intruder off? We would never know. 

Chapter 3: The End
A loud scream pierced the air and our concentration. Guitarenchi was being dragged off by a shadowy figure into the Danger Zone room. We chased after them and stopped as soon as we stepped into the Danger Zone room. Concussions was restraining guitarenchi with a knife to her neck while Peachery gave us an evil smirk. The notorious treasure hunters. The ones who wouldn’t stop at anything to get what they want. 

“You know, I should really thank cara1989 for tipping us off. We’ll reward her with 50 bite points. No worries.” She smiled sinisterly while playing with the daggers in her hands. 

I nodded my head, signaling the others to prepare for the upcoming battle. Afterwards, I sneezed, giving guitarenchi the cue to stomp on Concussions’ feet and bit Concussions’ hand, releasing herself from the restraint. While Concussions and Peachery were caught off guard, we charged at them. Daggers and katanas clashing, chaos ensued. Concussions managed to subdue mr.bryian and –SBSTransit but guitarenchi got the upperhand. She stabbed Concussions, leaving her unconscious on the floor, in a pool of blood. PinkishPhoenix and I fought Peachery and she was more skilled than we thought. We struggled and managed to knock each other’s weapons away and continued our fight on the ground. PinkishPhoenix managed to choke her. Peachery struggled to breathe and wriggled out of PinkishPhoenix’s restraint but it was to no avail. Her body stopped moving. Finally, it was over.

We celebrated our victory and hugged each other. We trudged back to the treasure with high hopes. Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain in my back. I glanced and saw a dagger protruding out of me. I scanned the room, horrified. Concussions laughed and slowly faded away, as Death took her with him. Tears rolled down my face as I tried to reach out to my companions before collapsing to the ground. The last thing I heard was them screaming my name. 

“LALA WAKE UP! NEW GAME!” PinkishPhoenix screamed at me. I woke up startled. Confusion struck. I looked around me. I was in PinkishPhoenix’s HabboBites event room and she was hosting Dictionary Game. It turns out I was idling in the room after getting p2ked in the first round. Well that was a good pixel dream.

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