Posted on 23 March 2018

Author's Note: This is my entry for the EasterStory competition. More information can be found here: https://www.habbobites.com/article/competition-easter-story

In the city of HabboBitesville,
An old, loud orphanage stood still.
There lived a girl named Lala who was very peculiar.
Believing in the actual Easter Bunny, the other kids (mainly @DarrenChan) deemed her as a loser.
But Lala pay no heed to their teasing
As she waited for Easter Day, the next morning.

Easter Day had arrived.
“What a time to be alive!”
She screeched, as she ran towards her tree on the hill.
She waited for the Easter bunny while watching the other kids play with thrill.

She waited and waited till the sun set.
Her expectations was sadly not met.
As she was about to leave,
She noticed something that again made her believe.

A bush rustled furiously before going stationary.
Lala walked towards the bush cautiously.
Her eyes brightened with joy as she spotted
A bright orange egg that was polka-dotted. 
She lifted the egg to her nose.
It was the fragrant smell of chocolate which she loved the most. 

To her surprise, there were more eggs forming a trail!
She followed it without fail.
From the top of the hill to the base.
That’s where she saw it, face to face.

It was a giant bunny with a top hat standing on its hind legs,
Carrying a basket full of colourfully-decorated eggs.
Towards a hole in the tree, the bunny began to scurry.
Lala chased after it, into the hole, in a hurry.

She plunged into great depths, seemingly never-ending.
Before she knew it, her consciousness was fading.
Lala awoken to the sound of animated voices.
It was a bunny… no. Two bunnies were making those noises.

“Welcome, Chosen One, to our humble abode.”
They pulled the curtains apart as the scenery unfold.
There was a lake full of chocolate and rainbow trees everywhere.
Kids my age were also playing over there. 

Tears of joy were shed for so long.
Finally, she found a place where she belonged.
Easter Day was given a whole new meaning.
It became her perfect, happy beginning.
Comments (3)
Jamie on 27 March 2018 9:05 AM
PotatoPower on 23 March 2018 8:08 PM
Can can! I'll add you in as my cast HAHHA
Ryu on 23 March 2018 7:47 PM
later u should put me as a cat in your story, thanks. xoxo.
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