Posted on 7 March 2018

Author’s Note (1): This is a poem entry for the writing competition “Nelly Poem”. More information can be found in the following link: https://www.habbobites.com/article/competition-nelly-poem

Update [15/03/2018]: This poem won 1st place! Incredibly honoured and proud of this piece. Thank you sooo much for picking me :3

A tale was born in the Kingdom of HabboBites.
Of a knight who roamed the jungle for many nights. 
Searching for the monster that devastated the HabboBites land. 
This creature would perish in FunkyHabbo's hands.

High and low, near and far.
But all he could see were trees and the stars.
A loud shriek could be heard unexpectedly.
Could this be the fabled, monstrous Golden Nelly?

Funkyhabbo dashed towards the sound.
The source of the shriek was then found.
His eyes opened wide with shock.
The poor Nelly was stuck in between large rocks. 

The Golden Nelly looked at him in fright.
As if it hadn't seen humans in a good light.
Empathy filled Funkyhabbo as he looked into its fearful eyes.
And then he knew that the fabled monster was a lie. 

With his strength and wisdom,
FunkyHabbo figured out a way for the Nelly's freedom.
He used a thick log in his surrounding as leverage.
Pushing the rocks apart, freeing the Nelly from its accidental cage.

Offering its trunk to FunkyHabbo, the Nelly sworn its loyalty.
From then on, the Nelly followed him like royalty.
A tale was born in the Kingdom of HabboBites.
Of how a beautiful friendship was forged between the Nelly and the Knight. 

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