The Survivor

Posted on 26 May 2017

Note: This was for the forum competition :)

Update [01/06/2017]: This story won the competition! I'd like to thank my cast for making my story awesome! P.S: I won't pay you though. Yall are interns which means work for experience and not pay :3

Featuring: @PotatoPower @Kreasa @Giam @BryanYH @Larry @Funkyhabbo 

The seagulls flew and cawed over the cloudless blue sky. The sun shone down brilliantly as the heat waves travelled across my pixelated body. I woke up to find Kreasa, GiamCai and BryanYH scattered within my surroundings, still in their deep sleep. I staggered towards the others with the sudden aches to my body and woke them up. BryanYH was the hardest to wake up… as usual. I asked each and every one of them but they were just as clueless as I was. How did we even end up here? 

We huddled together and explored our green surroundings, looking for answers. Trees stood tall and mighty with branches reaching for the skies and the floor was covered with dead leaves and insects that seemed rather deadly. We walked towards the sound of waves crashing onto rocks and chanced upon a deserted beach. There were no signs of anyone ever being there except for a run-down hut along with a well near the edge of the jungle. Wait a minute… it all looks familiar. 

Suddenly, a loud siren pierced the air followed by a low voice. 

“Uhmm is this working? Test. Hello, can you hear me? Okay great. Hello (un)Lucky Chosen Ones. This is FunkyHabbo. Welcome to The Isle of HabboBites. You’ve been chosen to put your survival skills to the test on one of the beaches you have made for the recent #CreateYourOwnBeach Competition.” The voice announced.

“Why are we even chosen? We’re probably the worst people to ever be on a deserted island. Especially ...” retorted GiamCai as she looked towards BryanYH. As usual, our saltbae. Sassy as ever.

“Last man standing wins a Shrek Icon, 500 bites points and an Interstellar Cruiser to get off of the island. So, here are the rules:

1) No killing each other (Please… I don’t want any blood on this island)
2) Just survive the wilderness. There are things you don’t wanna mess with.
3) If you refuse to cooperate, I will take away all of your bites points and you’ll be denied of any prize codes for 1 year.

Any questions?”

“Why are you doing this to us?” BryanYH asked apprehensively.

“Cause I’m bored?” FunkyHabbo said as if that was an acceptable answer. With that, there were silence.

Now it all made sense. This was the beach I made for the #CreateYourOwnBeach competition. Was this the reason why they had a competition in the first place? A mixture of confusion and anger were painted on our faces. All of us sat in the hut, speechless over what had transpired. I was worried about our safety but another part of me was afraid of who would be the ones lost in this harsh game. The silence was then broken by Kreasa who gave us newfound courage by suggesting that we band together and survive this ordeal. We would not succumb to Funkyhabbo’s cruel ways. We decided to use the hut as a base of our operations and came up with the idea of building a boat to escape the island. There must be a way out. There had to be...

We scavenged whatever that was available on the beach and rummaged through everything in the hut. We even looked into the well which was dried up. All we found were 2 empty water bottles, 2 baskets and some twigs to make us a decent-sized fire. We wouldn’t survive for another day without food and water. We split into teams of two and explored the isle. Kreasa and I headed towards the north-west whereas BryanYH and GiamCai headed north-east. Each pair took along an empty bottle and a basket in case we found anything. 

With GiamCai leading the way, they trekked through the jungle floor for at least an hour with BryanYH continuously whining of hunger and thirst while GiamCai just rolled her eyes, because she can’t even be bothered right now. Out of the blue, they heard a loud crack. Their steps stopped and GiamCai’s gaze lowered slowly to her foot, afraid of what creature she might have stepped on, possibly a lethal one. To her surprise, they were carrots! GiamCai gave BryanYH a slight backhand to his face to stop him from whining. (Yes, he was still whining at this point of time.)

“Look!” GiamCai pointed out to the land in front of them. They were carrot patches. Finally, food! They gathered as much carrots as they could into the basket that GiamCai had been carrying. BryanYH even tried to stuff them in his pockets. They were brimming with happiness about their discovery but at the same time, they were starving. They made a toast to newfound food (using carrots) and proceed to eat them deliciously. Suddenly, an ominous shadow rose behind them and dragged them deeper into the dark jungle. Their efforts were futile as they struggled, with their screams echoing throughout the isle. 

As soon as we heard the screams, Kreasa and I frantically searched for them separately, covering more grounds. Both of us searched high and low but all traces of them were gone. The sun was ever so unforgiving as it blasted its heat waves onto the damned isle. Thirst was taking over the two remaining people. Sweat covered Kreasa’s face as she made her way back to the base. That was when she saw it. She couldn’t believe her eyes. It must have been the heat messing with her head but it looked too real. It was a golden cow wandering on the beach. It seemed rather harmless and Kreasa was desperate for a drink to quench her thirst. She calmly approached the cow and slowly milked it and into the empty water bottle. She drank half of it and proceeded to milk some more before continuing her search quest. 

As I was scanning through the jungle for the missing two, I found a shiny, blue object hidden behind a thick bush. Curiously, I went towards it, hoping for a clue that could lead me to our friends. It was an ice box. An ice box in a jungle? That was strange. I opened the mysterious box and found something too good to be true. It was an … ice cream. It was unbelievable. I tasted the ice cream to see if it was just my imagination but it was real and … vanilla. My favourite. Almost immediately, I heard a loud, muffled cry coming from the beach and then there was silence again. That was Kreasa! I dropped the ice cream and ran as fast as I could but when I arrived, she was nowhere to be seen. Signs of struggles could be seen on the golden sand. Sirens filled the air once again. I knew what would happen after that.

“Congratulations! You have won the fridge game!” the voice exclaimed.

“What did you do to Kreasa, GiamCai and BryanYH?! Wait… what? Fridge Game? You told us this was a Survival Test.” I stuttered, completely shocked at the sudden revelations.

“Well, actually…. Uhmmmm. I’m not really FunkyHabbo. I’m uhmmmmmm…. Larry.” said the voice sheepishly.

“WHAT THE BOBBA LARRY?! WHY DID YOU DO THIS?!” Anger exploded as I threw a couple more expletives censored with bobbas. 

“Well…. Uhmmmm…. I just wanna experiment a new version of Fridge Game I made and uhmmmmm I needed people. Everyone else were too busy…. Uhmmmm sooo I acted as  FunkyHabbo because I knew if I pretended to be him, people would be more willing to cooperate cause I could like take away their bites points. Your prize is in the uhmmm…. Interstellar cruiser. Uhmmmm this is awkward…. Ok bye. Congratulations again!” With that, the voice disappeared. 

I was dumbfounded and overwhelmed with questions and emotions of guilt, anger and sadness. I lost my friends in an experiment?! So many thoughts were running through my head, attempting to process the situation. Right then and there, the interstellar cruiser hovered over me and a beam of light shone down upon me, covering me in warmth.  As I was lifted up, I felt all the emotional and physical exhaustion piled on top of me. The last thing I saw before I blacked out was a shrek icon, smiling at me and calling out my name. That green face pissed me off even more.


“Lala… Lala …. uhmmmm Lala! Step on the banzai and P2K please.” The shrek’s voice turned into Larry’s.

Bewildered, I found myself in Larry’s Banzai Fridge Game with BryanYH, Kreasa, GiamCai and myself remaining in the game. I was holding an ice cream. 

“You know what? I’ll just P2K myself.” I told them and exited the game area. :)
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PotatoPower on 28 May 2017 4:48 PM
Glad you find it unexpected HAAHAHAH :DDDD
En on 28 May 2017 3:54 PM
SHIT HAHAHAHA I DIDN'T EVEN EXPECTED THIS TO END LIKE THIS LMAOOOO !!! until you said Fridge Game, it brought me back thinking what had happened along the way HAHAH
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