HGAM Series: Falling Furni

Posted on 27 May 2017

En was walking down the streets of HabboBites City, through the apartment complex, on her way back from work. The sun was setting and the city was still bustling with life. It was a beautiful day to end with. All of a sudden, En heard screams of rage coming from one of the apartments ahead. It was so loud, she could hear it from a block away.
“How annoyingly tragic.” En sighed with irritation. She just stuck both of her earbuds in and turn up the music. She was not going to let it ruin her evening.
Suddenly, she heard the loud shattering of glass of that very apartment. A chair flew out of the window, landing right in front of her. En was dumbstruck. She could have almost died! Another passerby dialled for the police, worried that the domestic abuse might escalate.
En stood still, a million of thoughts running through her mind but one weird thought was constant, “That’s actually a nice chair. It matches my house perfectly.”
As soon as she reached out her hand to take the chair home, Kreasa immediately snatched it, dusted the glass off and sat on it. She looked towards En with a stern face, as if to give her a message, “Dibs. GG.”
And that was how Falling Furni was made. 

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