HGAM Series: Fridge Game

Posted on 27 May 2017

Erick and the younger twins,Jason and Larry, were having a blast playing football in their backyard. Erick was the goalkeeper while Jason and Larry took turns being on the offense and defense. It was Jason’s turn to be on offense. He dribbled the ball, aiming for the makeshift goal post consisting of just 2 slippers, marking the goal post’s length. He was getting closer and closer until Larry accidentally kicked his leg, attempting to steal the ball. Larry looked towards Jason apologetically, his eyes begging for mercy. The game stopped and tension rose. Jason was going to pummel Larry. However, before he could do so, their mother called them in. It was getting late. Larry heaved a sigh of relief, safe from the angry monster.
As soon as they entered the house, their stomachs grumbled in unison. The football drained them immensely.
“Mum, we’re hungry. Is there anything good to eat?” said Erick.
“I’ve just stocked up the fridge. I’ll cook something up after I’m done unloading these groceries. Just grab anything in the meantime alright?” their mother replied as she was walking up the stairs to put the toiletries in their bathrooms.
“Oh yay! I hope she bought my favourite snack. You know I love…” Larry stopped mid-sentence. His excitement as he opened the fridge door and grabbed something was replaced by disappointment.
“Carrots….” Larry finished. Jason shoved him aside as Larry was still wallowing in his disappointment. He was so hungry that he could eat anything but was also hesitant. What if he too picked some horrendous vegetables? He closed his eyes and grabbed something … cold. It was an ice cream! Ah vanilla. His favourite too! Jason sidestepped and gloat about his ice cream towards his twin.
“Can I have some?” Larry said sheepishly, totally forgetting about the accident he had caused earlier. A lightbulb lit in Jason’s head.
“Let me kick you first. Eye for an eye.” Jason said devilishly. Larry hesitantly agreed, too desperate for the ice cream. Jason got ready, savouring the moment. With all his might, he kicked Larry’s butt. The force was so strong, Larry face-planted the carpet floor.
“GG” Jason laughed and began eating his ice cream. Enraged and in tears, Larry tackled Jason to the floor. They wrestled around, neither giving in. Erick laughed as he watched them fight. With his gaze concentrated on their match, he too grabbed something from the fridge. A can of soda.
“LOL Losers.” Erick said as he sipped his drink and continue to watch them, safe from the fight.
And that was how Fridge Game was made. 

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