Posted on 19 July 2017

Note: To be honest, I just had a sudden urge to write this random short post. It just came to my mind out of the blue. It's my first non-fictional post so I'm not really good at giving vivid description but I hope you enjoy this piece. 

After a long day out, you trudge home and open your bedroom door. Your whole body feels like it’s sinking, being pulled by gravity. With heavy steps, you head straight to your bed. You simply let your body fall as your bed embraces you. As if it’s welcoming you.

As soon as your head hits the pillow, your eyelids feel heavy. Closing your eyes, your train of thoughts starts to wander. Your worries, questions and thoughts all on replay. But slowly and surely, those thoughts will fade away. One by one.

The muscles in your body starts to unwind from your legs to your body. To your hands. To your shoulders. To your head. Lastly, to your mind. It feels as if all your burdens are lifted, freed from its chains. Then, everything went black.

There’s a small glimmer of light as your consciousness held its hand out, waiting for you to accept it. “Relax.” It says. “It’ll all be fine.” It says. In your heart, without a doubt, you trust it. You slowly reach out for its hand and grasp it. You follow your consciousness’ lead as it takes you away. To your peaceful, untouched sanctuary. To your dreams.

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Seth on 20 July 2017 1:35 AM
I'm surprised you didn't mention farting at least once?!
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