Posted on 18 September 2017

Note: This is my entry for the #SpringTimeisHere competition. I just like to document my writing entries into this blog for memories sake (:

Update [19/09/2017]: Oh snayuupp! This poem won 2nd place! I'm honoured that this short poem manage to win something. I'll definitely work harder to write more poems/stories especially in the horror department. ((:

Winter has ended,
Spring is here.
Number of outdoor activities boosted.
What a wonderful time of the year.

More kids are camping in the woods.
More kids to feed on as I appear.
After a long winter break, finally there's food.
It's most definitely the best time of the year.

#SpringTimeIsHere #Horror 

Author's Thoughts:
This is definitely one of the first few times I tried to write a horror story. I will definitely brush up on my writing skills, especially in the Horror department. More creepypastas for inspiration? Perhaps. ;)

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