Posted on 26 March 2018

"EASTER IS HERE!" Jaesus shouted.

"Whatever mom, you don't have to shout. It's just Easter. " Ginger replied.

"I thought you used to love Easter? Why the nonchalance now? Anyways, I invited uncle Princehooligan and Snowball over today for dinner! You remember them right? You used to play with Snowball as a kid! You two were inseparable, I thought you both would get married one day. Anyways, Audemars said she could not come because she would be overseas finding that SNAKE Angeliciousidol." Jaesus replied.

"MoOOOoooM,why are you calling her a snake! I like Angeliciousidol jiejie she's so nice
UNLIKE YOU!!! And I don't even remember how Snowball was like. Bet she's ugly now
too! Audemars aunty scares me but she's funny!"

"GINGER! Don't be rude! And I was kidding. I like Angeliciousidol too. "

"Bleh! Bet she has a horrible personality like those ugly cows on Twatter as well."

"We'll see. ALSO STOP BEING SO RUDE! Go and help your grandma with the food!"

"Whatever."Ginger rolls his eyes. "She's so annoying." He mumbles to himself.

Soon, Ginger storms into the kitchen angrily, mumbling things to himself.

"Hey, what's the matter my lil' boy? Did you argue with your mother again? You know she just wants you to be good right? Come here grandma will kiskis you!" Paddleboard teased knowing that Ginger does not like being called that.

"GrandmAaAAa, don't call me lil' boy, I'm a grown teenager goddammit! And get away from me I'm just here to help you on my mother's orders!" Ginger replied.

"Alright alright, you know I'm just teasing you. Don't have to be so rude." Paddleboard chuckled. "Come and help me chop up the carrots into cubes!"

Two hours later, I arrived with my daughter Snowball. It's the first time we've been invited to dinners ever since my wife passed away. I'm excited.

"Hey Princehooligan and Snowball! It's been long. How are you guys?" Jaesus excitedly screamed. "Wow Snowball, you've grown into such a beautiful young lady. I'm sure you're excited to see Ginger again."

"Yeah, we used to have so much fun!" Snowball replied.

As soon as Snowball walked into the kitchen, Ginger looked at her with sparkly eyes, forgetting that he held a knife. "Wow you're so beau−Ouch!" he suddenly exclaimed. He had sliced his finger by accident.

"Omg, are you okay? Where's the first aid kid?" Snowball quickly asked.

Paddleboard quickly got the plaster out while Snowball helped Ginger wash off the blood.

"Well that was an awkward."Ginger sighed.

"Not what I expected to see after years but I guess you're still your dorky self huh?" Snowball hits Ginger's abs. " Well look at you, been working out huh? Well, what were you saying before you accidentally cut yourself?"

"I-I-I saidyouarebeautiful"Ginger quickly said in a fluster.

"I would make you say that again properly but you are hurt so I won't. Thanks! Puberty did me well. So, how's life?" Snowball winks.

Ginger stared at Snowball not paying attention to what she was saying. He's always liked her as a kid, maybe loved her even and wanted to take her as his wife. However, ever since my wife passed away, we moved and they lost contact.

"Hey, are you even listening?" Snowball hits Ginger on the head.

"You're still so violent. Hitting me on the head like always. Hmph!" Ginger pouted like a kid. Both of them laughed at that. They started catching up on their lives. Their laughter could be heard miles away.

I was about to grab a glass of water when I saw them laughing away. I stood in the corner and watched. Hearing Snowball laughing was like music to my ears. I have not seen her this happy in so long. "Glad to see them bonding so well even after all these years huh? I can tell Snowball misses him a lot as well." Paddleboard suddenly stood beside me.

I chuckled and walked away to find Jaesus. Both of us have some catching up to do as well. We have not seen each other in years. She only found me after a long search on social networks.

"Dinner's ready!"Paddleboard shouted from the dining room. Everyone rushed to the table like a hungry pack of wolves.

Suddenly the front door burst open."HELLO EVERYONE! Audemars is here!" Audemars shouts as she struts into the room as though it was not weird that she was here and not where she said she was going to be. "Oh oh, LOOK WHO I BROUGHT! IT'S ANGELICIOUSIDOL!"

"OMG, IT'S YOU ANGELICIOUSIDOL!" Jaesus smacks Angeliciousidol on the shoulders. "Where have you been?"

"Well, luckily I cooked a lot of food for us." Paddleboard was annoyed at the sudden surprise. She rolled her eyes. "Could've called or something!"

"It wouldn't be a surprise then would it?" Audemars replied.

What a lavish spread we had. "Thank you for the food!" Everyone said in unison before we dug in heartily. We talked about a myriad of things and so many embarrassing moments. Laughing at how much we have all changed and how different our lives are now from what we had imagined before. Not all of our old friends may have been available to meet but this felt just like old times.

This was the most fun I've had in so long. I will remember this day forever. What a perfect Easter day I've had!
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Princehooligan on 15 April 2018 9:52 PM
U r grandma PaddleBoard's sister who couldn't be here today due to unforeseen circumstances with the weather in Germany
muddyshorts on 15 April 2018 9:47 PM
wheres me i wasn't mentioned
mush.room on 28 March 2018 2:28 AM
LOL damn it Jaesus!
Jamie on 27 March 2018 9:03 AM
Princehooligan on 26 March 2018 3:45 PM
paddleboard on 26 March 2018 5:53 AM
HOLLARING!!! I slapped my knee like 18 times reading this WOWEEEEE
Wow.. A blog! Interesting..
Just having poetry practice...
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