#10 - Overthinking

Posted on 15 November 2019

I wanted you the most
To brighten my life with colours of gold
But you look at me like I was unknown
Too bad I'm not who you want to hold
Gave you what you wanted
The way you make me so broke
I am just like a tail bone
How can I keep staying afloat

What a dream
When you speak to me
It feels so good just knowing you
Give me all the attention before you leave
Tell me your secrets
your favourite songs
Fire up at the little things
But at least appreciate this water venus
I just want to feel worth it
Worth feeling like a king

Seeing you love someone else
Now that you're like the Black Sea
I'm the Red Sea and you're dead to me
But I'll still fall back into you like I always do
I say that I wish I had known
What I was bringing myself into
Although I already knew
The kind of things you would do
Always the same

So just to let you know
Wish I could say it's good to see you now
Overthinking brings me such woes
Just keep talking because you remind me of someone I know
Wish I could silence all this visceral thrill
You are so cute
It's driving me insane
So this was an open letter
to tell you "I'm sorry I will be better
It seems like forever 
but I guess you've found someone to soothe the pain"
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Princehooligan on 15 November 2019 7:16 PM
i should stop listening to emo songs
Princehooligan on 15 November 2019 3:10 AM
Back into my bs poems
Wow.. A blog! Interesting..
Just having poetry practice...
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