My First Time At Habbobites

Posted on 2 June 2017

Once upon a time, there was an Asian, introverted and quiet girl named Rachel.
Her obsessions were food, music and her musical instruments, cute animals, sketching, reading, hoodies (hooded jackets), and Studio Ghibli. She hated when people interrupted her during her leisure activities, especially since living in a large family full of curious siblings.
She was usually the 'odd one out' of her group of girly friends in real life, but they knew she was 'different', and didn't care what she looked like, how she dressed, or how she acted. They simply accepted her for who she was.
You see, she always kept herself to herself, minded her own business, and quite enjoyed being alone while socializing in the online world. It was like freedom. She could be physically alone while socializing without it being in person. 
Little did she know, she would be entering into a games room with 'HB' or 'Habbobites' in the room title. She was very curious to know what this was all about.
The place was full of diversity, moral support for each other, empathy for players when they lost in the game, laughter, and friendliness. This was not often seen in her real life world, so this made her all warm and fuzzy inside. 
Their website pretty much explains itself: Habbobites is an exciting place to be! Meet new friends, participate in events, share content, and learn more about other cultures! There's something for everyone!
"That's it!", she thought, "I have to join the Event Organisers team!" So she proceeded to ask the other staff members while stating she really enjoys hosting games herself, and they happily told her to fill out an application on their website. She had to verify her Habbobites account, complete the Habbobites tutorial, be online for at least 1 hour, introduce herself on their website in the forum, and 'like' 3 official Habbobites events. Being the lame and excited girl that she was, she did all of this in a jiffy, and was soon welcomed onto the team with open arms and smiles, with words of 'congratulation's and long, excited 'yay's. The support was amazing!
Roll onto the next day, her first time ever hosting an official Habbobites event. Was she nervous? Sort of, but it probably couldn't have been more nerve-wrecking than DJ'ing on air for the first time and everyone hearing you for the first time; something that she has decided she won't do.
During the event, however, there were some players really testing her patience, but with a fed up expression on her face, she powered on through and knew she needed to be in control to make the game run smoothly. In her mind though, she had thoughts of what she wished she could do to these people (nothing morbid, don't worry!).

Perhaps something like this?Or this?
Anyway, despite the 'trollers', she can hardly remember them now and forgot their names. It was in the past.
She was very grateful for the 'likes' from the rest of the players, but it wasn't about the 'likes', it was more about giving them something fun to do, and to enjoy themselves! 

The question she asks herself is.....where will she be in several years' time? Will she still be on Habbobites/Habbo??
Who knows. One will never know or tell the future that lies ahead of her.

Written with love from a fellow Habbobites staff member,
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Rachy on 3 June 2017 5:34 PM
@Funkyhabbo <3333333333333

@Shaun Love you too, Shauny!!! <3
Shaun on 3 June 2017 12:58 PM
Love you rach!!! Great read <3
Funkyhabbo on 3 June 2017 9:45 AM
Erick on 3 June 2017 4:04 AM
LOVE YOU!!!!!!!
Rachy on 2 June 2017 7:15 PM
Tom on 2 June 2017 7:10 PM
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