Weird, Interesting (and Probably Annoying) Facts About Me

Posted on 31 July 2017

I know I've done 50 random facts about me in a previous blog post, but I've realized how strange (or interesting) I can be and have thought of more facts for you readers.

1, When ripping up paper that has my personal information on it (e.g. ,my name and address from a letter or something), I like to put a few bits into one trash can/rubbish bin, a few other bits into another one, and so on. That way, hopefully no one can get all of the information in one spot.

2. I hate odd numbers (1, 3, 5, etc). They make me feel uneasy, and I usually make sure I have the number of events (that I've hosted so far) set to an even number (2, 4, 6, etc).

3. Now and then, I have days where I just shut down and not talk to anyone because I'm mentally exhausted, and just being around so many people for so long tires me out too. There's nothing wrong between us, it's just me who needs a lot of time alone or else I go crazy inside.

4. I used to have a 'pet rock'.......

5. I love soda/pop so much, mainly for that bubbly/fizzy sensation when it hits the back of your throat. I love that part and I don't know why.

6. When I clean, I mean I CLEAN, and you can't stop me. And by 'clean', I mean tidying up/clearing out stuff. I hate chemical-related cleaning.

7. I can't do chores or assignments without music, I need to be listening to music in order to focus. 

8. That being said, I love silence, so I don't know....I can't stand very chatty people who constantly chatter away, but I can tolerate music. I guess that's because music is 'background noise' and you don't need to actually pay attention to it.

9. When I'm done doing my business in the bathroom stall (not that kind of 'business'!), I wait for the bathroom to be empty if it's not just me in there because I want to avoid being spoken to in there.

10. I'm actually obsessed with the different shades of blue because they're just so calmly aesthetic to me. I've got a blue Nintendo DS Lite, a blue skin-covered Nintendo 3DS, a blue Powershot Canon camera, a blue food tray, a few blue hoodies, some blue denim jeans, a blue laptop, a blue trash can/rubbish bin, blue heart-printed socks, a blue tissue box, a white blanket with blue flower prints, and even my favorite drink (at the moment, Calpis water) is a blue-printed can....

11. I absolutely hate clingy-ness. 

12. If a book is sticking out of a library shelf, I push it back in. It just looks out of place if it sticks out. I'm the same with anything that looks out of place to be honest, even with a dining table place mat looking crooked.

13. I am a former Christian, but of course, accepting of other people regardless of their religion.

14. My typing speed is 111 words per minute (although the typing test had an 'adjusted speed' with it too, and that said '95', so idk).

15. I have anxiety (I think mild though, idk). The phone ringing makes me feel like an alarm went off, placing an order in line at a fast food restaurant makes me feel like I'm holding up the line and the worker is watching me in an annoyed way, a party full of people or a busy public place makes me feel like I'm surrounded by staring eyes, being approached by strangers makes me feel like they're gonna do something bad to me, cars going past me at night times makes me feel like something bad is going to happen and so I walk faster, I write way better than I speak, I say 'sorry' a lot (no matter how big or small the situation is),  and the other person always has to tell me that it's okay and to not worry, and I can't think of anything else for now.

16. I always check over certain things more than once For instance, making sure that the door is fully closed when I leave the house, or that the stove/oven has been switched off when I KNOW they're fine because I've just done them, but in the back of my mind, I have that little worry and then go back to check on them again.

17. I take crusts off any types of food. I just hate them.

18. I daydream quite a lot.

19. I talk to myself a lot.

20. I've never been stung by a bee/wasp.

21. I get all awkward and sad with goodbyes, I don't like them.

22. I am a perfectionist as you've probably noticed by now. And with some of my event rooms too, they need to be perfectly symmetrical. Oh, and I love symmetry so much.

23. It annoys me if a plug socket switch is on when there is no plug in it. It needs to be off.

24. I've made £70 out of my 'DIY fairy lantern jars' hobby. I've quit that now though.

25. I've had a paedophile talk to me before and try to get a kiss from me by luring me with his adorable pet dog. The dog was way cuter than him. 

26. @Merv and I have the same birthdays, woo!

27. I can't read piano music very easily. I'm a visual learner and need to see the hands playing in a tutorial video, and then I start memorizing.

28. Throughout my life so far, I've almost been run over twice.

29. I tend to twirl my hair whenever I'm just sat there....I've been doing that since I was 8 (I think).

30. When eating spaghettio's with a fork, I like to hook them onto the fork one by one until you get a load of rings on a fork. I don't know why I find it entertaining, lol, it just feels like a little fishing game.

31. My left ear is completely closed thanks to my crappy surgeon in America who messed it up.

32. I was malnourished when I was 2.

33. I've lived in both the USA and the UK.

34. I find knees, elbows and toes gross.

35. When I was a little kid, my idea of 'running away' was going to far end of my old house's front garden (it was huge)....and then I wondered how the heck a family member was able to find me. D'oh!!

36. I dislike rice. When I tell people that, they become so baffled because I'm Asian. Not all Asians like rice, lol.

37. I have the entire DVD collection of 'Friends', and I'm currently working on my 'Studio Ghibli' DVD collection.

38. I used to skateboard back I've lost my touch.

39. I love Habbobites.

40. I love you all, even if I'm 26-years-old and some of you are quite younger than me, and it still feels a bit weird to me (just the age gap, not you guys personally), but friendship has no age limit anyway.
Comments (3)
Princehooligan on 15 August 2017 5:46 PM
I had pet rocks don't worry you're not alone
OMg did you know blue didn't exist for most parts of history!! Like it was missing and look where it is now. It's such a popular colour.
Princehooligan on 15 August 2017 5:40 PM
Wot the heck I love odd numbers and dislike even numbers. Unless they look good as a whole number. Like 14.
0SPANY0 on 31 July 2017 9:42 PM
I am the same with 10, 18, and 21 except for favorite mine is Pepsi-Cola and it also has a blue can lol.
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