In Her Mind

Posted on 4 June 2017

It's early and the sun is shining.
Good morning!

Gets ready and dresses herself.
Here's to another day....

Thoughts race through her head.
I wonder what today will be like....

Phone rings.
I'm not answering that.

Phone continues ringing.
I should answer that, but I hate talking on the phone.

Phone stops ringing.

Walking out the door.
Hope this bus comes on time!

Cars/drivers zoom past her.
I hope they aren't watching me as they drive by me....

A loud truck zooms past her.
Ugh, so loud.

Waiting for the bus.
Where is the bus?

Bus arrives.
Oh god, it's full of passengers who are staring at me right now through the window....

Scans in her bus pass.
Please be successful....

Bus ticket comes out.

Finds her seat.
Found one.

Bus is moving along a busy road.
Need my music right now.

Music on.
World off.

Bus arrives at her destination.
Ugh, time to socialize.

Entering into a store/shop.
It's so busy and loud....

Tries to find what she needs.
Where is it? Why can't I find it? I don't want to ask for help....

A shelf-stacker looks over at her.
Play it cool. Ignore her watchful eyes....

Finds what she needs.
YES, finally!

Heads over to the checkout till.
People are looking at me as if I don't know what I'm doing....

Places her stuff onto the checkout.
Don't drop anything, don't embarrass yourself.

Puts the basket down with the other baskets.
There's too many people in this line, I can't get to the pile of baskets. Excuse me....sorry....
Well, that was awkward.

A customer in front of her gets their items checked out.
It's almost my turn....

It's her turn.
Please don't try and make a conversation with me. Just get this over with.

Her items are being checked out....until the cashier tells her what a beautiful day it is outside.
Just smile and say yeah. Don't be the empathetic person that you are and feel guilty that the cashier has to stay inside and work.

She feels guilty that the cashier has to stay inside and work.
Damn it, what did I just tell you, Rach?!

Her items are being checked out even faster.
Please slow down, cashier!!

She is trying to pack her items into her bags as fast as possible.
Don't mess this up. Just keep going.

Customers after her are watching as she packs her bags, and they look impatient.
Try to ignore them.

She can't get one item into a bag for some reason. It's as if the bag enjoyed this humiliation.

Cashier asks if she wants help.
Say no, and that you're okay, and you'll just carry it yourself.

Checkout is done.

Waits for the bus back home.
Time to listen to music.

Music on.
World off.

....until a young stranger comes up and chats to her.
What do you want?

This young stranger asks her what time the bus comes.
There's a timetable board RIGHT there. Just tell this person the time anyway to save the hassle.

Back to her music.
I can't wait to get home.

Bus soon arrives.
Good, there's an empty double seat available.

Plays on her phone while listening to music.
Just gonna put my bag onto the seat next to me. Cba with sitting next to people.

A text message comes up asking if she wants to go to a huge social party.
No thanks. Not my thing.

Bus arrives to her destination.
I made it out alive.

Walks the rest of the way home.
Hate going out.

She arrives home.
That's enough socializing for today.

She is greeted by many of her loud siblings.
Oh god, just when I wanted alone time and peace n' quiet. Just say hey.

Runs upstairs to her bedroom.
I can't deal right now....

When in her bedroom, she closes the door.
A big sigh of relief. I'm back in my comfort zone.

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