50 Totally Random Facts About Me

Posted on 11 June 2017

Just thought you guys would like to get to know me better. I know I've done some facts before in a forum post, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to list many more. I mean, if you're interested, then please read on! :)

1) I've a slight fear of very large bodies of water, like deep seas/oceans. I mean, I'll go onto a boat, but there's a little fear in the back of my head. 

2) Because of Fact 1, I can't swim, and have never trusted anybody to teach me. I just refuse and close up. I've almost drowned before (when I was younger) when my Dad decided to balance me on his one index finger in the deep end of a beach (idk why), and I went right under. And another time was when I slipped on another sandy beach and the waves kept crashing over me, and I couldn't even catch a breath. Both were traumatic times for me, and I still haven't gotten over them....I just try to stay away from huge bodies of water and pools these days.

3) I hate crusts in food - on pizzas and loaves of bread, stuff like that.

4) I'm not into 'Harry Potter', 'Merlin', 'The Lord of the Rings', 'Fantastic Beasts' or 'Doctor Who'. SUE ME.

5) I enjoy eating cake, but too much icing puts me off.

6) I'm in between a tomboy and somewhat feminine since I seem to socialize with guys more than girls, especially with my many brothers, and online, and I'm not into any of the girly pampering kind of stuff.

7) I hate the summer and the hot weather. I love the winter season.

8) I don't know how to drive; dunno if I cba to learn. I always take buses.

9) My mother is honestly my twin and best friend. We have so many same interests. The only difference is she's older, and she's Christian.

10) I love the darkness, and quietness. I hate really bright lights and loud noises (especially sudden ones). I have high sensitivity I think.

11) My younger sister and I used to always get mixed up by the teachers in our old school. Was annoying yet amusing!

12) I, personally, have no interest in dying my hair, or getting tattoos and/or piercings, but I'm not against those who choose to have these.

13) I've never once dyed my hair. Always black hair for me.

15) When I was little, I thought I had superpowers and could control the sunlight level in the room, since I was unaware about the clouds. lmao.

16) My feet are size 2 and a half....so when I wear my size 3 boots, I need to wear double socks to make my feet bigger to fit the boots, ha.

17) I snore sometimes, unfortunately.

16) I'm an Aries.

17) I am right-handed.

18) I hate clubs/parties. I just basically hate large social events/gatherings to be honest.

19) I refuse to watch any horror/thriller films; don't like these genres.

20) Deodorants and perfumes/sprays make me feel sick.

21) I find dimples a cute feature.

22) I love acapella.

23) One of my idols is Helen Keller.

24) I plan on adopting animals with disabilities from now on, as I would love to give them a home. Mainly hamsters, guinea pigs and birds from pet shops. My current hamster, Teddy, has a back left stump instead of a foot, and was in the adoption center for quite a long time until I adopted him. He deserves it.

25) Hate analogue/analog watches. I prefer digital, just give me the numbers, not roman numerals and lines.

26) I am a former Christian.

27) I hate kiwi.

28) I love the rain so much. As long as it isn't mixed with strong wind.

29) I can't bite into ice cream, sensitive teeth, and I dunno how some people can.

30) I tend to twirl my hair sometimes; it's a habit whenever I'm sat bored. I need to get out of it. Lmao.

31) I don't drink, smoke or take drugs, but I'm not against those who do these, as long as they do it responsibly.

32) I am dirty-minded, but asexual.

33) I am height 4'10 (about 147cms), and haven't grown since....yay.

34) I used to always climb trees when I was younger.

35) I quit drinking coca-cola/coke like 3 or 4 years ago.

36) I'm a very good listener, I listen more than I speak. I prefer typing over speaking.

37) I hate coffee and tea.

38) Every new document or work piece I do, I send it to myself via email to back it up.

39) I can inflate my tongue; make it go fat and small.

40) I'm obsessed with 'Friends', and I would know what the next line would be, and mouth along with the actor/actress, haha!

41) I absolutely love Disney. Pixar is good too, but Disney is my life.

42) I play the piano and ukulele, but I feel better on the piano.

43) I'm not into fashion, and I don't keep up with the fashion trends. It's just clothes to me. As long as you're wearing something comfortable and it's cleaned/washed, then that's good enough for me.

44) I can count to 10 in English (haha), French, Welsh and Spanish.

45) I know basic American and British Sign Language - they are completely different from each other.

46) I accept everyone as they are, as long as they aren't a vile person. I like to try and get along with everyone.

47) I like to be very organized with my things. Binders and folders with tabs for specific things, a filing cabinet, lists, etc.

48) I've never worn makeup and never intend to. Can't be bothered with all that.

49) I absolutely hate dirty dishes lying around. They immediately go into the dishwasher.

50) I zone out/daydream a lot, probably not good, especially in my work place....

THANK YOU IF YOU'VE READ THESE FACTS AND REACHED THE END! <3 I appreciate your effort very much.
Comments (12)
Rachy on 12 June 2017 8:36 PM
LOL Shaun and greker230! You think that....but it's all the same to me!
greker230 on 12 June 2017 6:31 PM
Shaun on 12 June 2017 2:50 PM
Rachy on 12 June 2017 1:49 PM
Awesome Erick! Thank you! :D
Erick on 12 June 2017 3:58 AM
*we got some things in common
Erick on 12 June 2017 3:58 AM
Love reading this :)
Rachy on 12 June 2017 12:15 AM
Glad you loved it, paddleboard!! n_n
paddleboard on 12 June 2017 12:10 AM
Loved reading this!
Rachy on 11 June 2017 9:54 PM
That's right, Felidae :) I'm smol.
Felidae on 11 June 2017 9:53 PM
147 cm what ffduck
Rachy on 11 June 2017 9:50 PM
LMAO Funkyhabbo, they're horrid! :(
Funkyhabbo on 11 June 2017 9:46 PM


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