Posted on 2 January 2018

The love in her eyes, Was hate in disguise,
I told you the truth,
You filled me with lies,
I gave you my heart,
You gave me your mind,
I’d pour out my blood,
But you’d drink it like wine. . .
Now you’re living so free,
And i’m doing time,
In a prism or a prison,
And you’re love was the crime,
At first you were sweet,
But you squeezed out the limes,
Tossed me a ladder. . .
And pushed me down as I climbed!

I had to sacrifice our love,
But don’t mistake this for hate,
Mountain of regrets, staring down from above,
You were the past, and this is my fate,
I can’t have faith,
Without you , our memories still exist. . .

Everyone I love, seems to die,
Everyone I trust, Seems to lie,
All I can do, is wave my goodbyes,
And sacrifice… Sacrifice,
Before my mother died, it was her only Advice,

She said listen Darius, Don’t cry over obstacles,
To sacrifice someones place from your life, might be impossible…
But if you’re logical, you’ll know it’s the only thing responsible …

To do… Sacrifice.

Freedom, is to set the slave & the prisoner free,
And sacrifice is the bitter but necessary Fee,

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