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When do you eat the most chocolate?
Duckie on the Loose

If you happen to spot Duckie anywhere on HabboBites, remember to catch him!

Duckhunter leaderboard
altheasmells won 3c from Heaven Or Hell
Denise won 5 c from Balloon Game
ziolupo won 5 c from Balloon Game
JazzyJack93 won 5 c from Balloon Game
tiff-sky12 won 5C from Banzai Fridge Races!
Denise won 5c from Banzai Fridge Races!
JazzyJack93 won 4c from Danger Pods
Sary won 4c from Danger Pods
Natty_Nat_Nat won 4c from Danger Pods
chimmy7 won 31 Days HC from Prize Counter
ophelia.hiney. won 5c from Banzai Fridge Races!
Kreasa won 5c from Banzai Fridge Races!
Natty_Nat_Nat won 3c from Trap
Subsy won 3c from Trap
Trezzaa won 3c from Trap
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Denise wows us once again with her dedication and excellent team work! Apart from hosting amazing events, she goes the extra mile to help her fellow team members and friends. Keep up Denise work!
Member of the Month
WigBilllly has been actively supporting us both on site and in game. He is always there patiently (actually just sometimes) waiting for our events and giving his best. He also helps liven up the mood and help direct new members to sign up to HabboBites. He deserves a CibBlap!
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