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This year members of the HabboBites community were fooled once again from the many pranks part of our April Fools celebrations. We saw the return of a classic heart-attack-inducing prank which tricked users in to thinking that there was a 'free' Unicorn Duckie that was waiting to be caught. A total of 57 duckies escaped the grasps of our community. PotatoPower's feed post is an example of the unanimously positive response!

A live chat section also appeared at the bottom-left corner of the fansite webpage which featured many real and authentic users to chat with (see screenshot to the right). Here are some of the messages typed by members of the HabboBites community to our state-of-the-art chat feature: "Hello beaches", "does this work", "omg wut dis", "testing", "im so confused", "deez nuts", "is that illegal", etc.

Furthermore, the final prank of the day was an interesting game called 'Type It' which convinced users that they were in a head-to-head live fastest-typer match against another member (see screenshots below). After playing a few matches one would (hopefully) discover that that there was some rigging in favour of the opponent no matter whom you played! There was a total of 133 'live' matches with a total of 0 wins, unbelievable! Everybody who played a match until the end scored an exclusive site achievement for their efforts (in losing). The top 3 Type It losers are: Gina (99 losses), andricxqr (9 losses), and Seth (8 losses).

We hope that everybody enjoyed this year's activities and won't (hopefully) be fooled again by yet-another free Duckie next year! You can check out last year's April Fools Recap over in Weekly Bites #64.


Last week we asked you "Which is your favourite food group?and here are the results:

Dairy - 5

Fruits - 10

Vegetables - 5

Grains - 0

Protein - 6

Sugars - 14

What a shame that we don't have any bread lovers out there... Also is anybody really that surprised that most of use have quite the sweet tooth? A new poll question will be up shortly, be sure to answer and find out the results next week!

Canvas Madness

This month's eggciting canvas madness theme has just been announced over here and it is celebrating the eggstravagant holiday of Easter! Do not forget that it is completely free to participate.

What kind of party?

Can you guess what kind of party it is without looking at the segment above? Too late? Oh. Well I guess we can still play Mario Party in the Easter party room that you design! Just make sure that your entry contains at least 3 easter furni items but refrain from copying the picture to the right as well. Check out the competition article over here for more information.


Did you know...
• On April Fools Day 1974, a man hauled 70 tires into the crater of a dormant volcano in Alaska and set them on fire, terrifying nearby residents into thinking the volcano was erupting again.
• On April Fools Day 1996, Taco Bell Corp. ran a full-page ad in several major newspapers claiming it had purchased the Liberty Bell and would rename it the "Taco Liberty Bell."
• Press releases for the [non-existent] New York City April Fools' Day Parade have been issued every year since 1986.

These April Fools Day related facts were submitted by Kingdoms.

HabboBites Screenshots


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