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Silly Speeches

This week's silly speeches were submitted by Princehooligan.

Canvas Madness

This month's canvas madness competition is quickly coming to a close so make sure to click here and design your best appreciation page for that small segment of facial hair! Don't forget that participation is completely free and you may even win our exclusive site icon!


Last week we asked you "How often do you drink coffee? (in times per week)" and here are the results:

- 10

1-3 - 7

4-6 - 4

7-10 - 1

11-15 - 0

16+ - 3

It is quite shocking to see that the majority of people do not drink any coffee. I seriously wonder how you all function without caffeine during the day.. A new poll question will be up shortly, be sure to answer and find out the results next week!

How well can you Wired?

We hope our terrible pun was effective as we would like to advertise our newest competition. And if you have yet to guess or check it out, it is a building competition! Our Builders Department is searching for some new members to join their team and would love to see if you have what it takes. All you need to do to score that brand new site icon is head on over to the competition article here and a build a room based on the specified requirements. You can even enter multiple times and stand a chance to win plenty of credits and even Habbo Club!

Member Spotlight

Several weeks ago, I contacted Kreasa's representatives and asked if she would be available to have a chat with me. Her representatives responded to my request quickly and I told them that I would follow up later in the day. I completely forgot to do so for several weeks and ended up contacting them again. Fortunately, she agreed once more and was eager to share some of her holiday preparation tips. I asked her if she had any remarks that she would like to share and she responded: "drinks loads of water and get enough sleep when you can! so during the holidays you can have fun and not fall sick!!" Quite the interesting response I must say. I asked her if she had any any advice to share with Black Friday shoppers but before she could reply our conversation was abruptly halted. One of her representatives had ran over and dragged her away as our interview had already run over time.

You can check out her profile here, and stay tuned for more upcoming Member Spotlights!

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