April's Bakery in Singapore!

Posted on 20 May 2017

April's Bakery makes home-made pies and they have 60 over outlets in Thailand, Bangkok!!!

In April, they have just opened their first branch in Singapore! It is located at Tampines MRT Station.

So basically they have 11 flavoured-pies (Taro, Red Bean, Thai Milk Tea, Green Tea, Sweet Egg Floss, Sesame, Purple Sweet Potato, Custard, Pumpkin and Coconut).

I did not managed to get most of the flavours as they are sold out so I have to steal from google an image of the inside of the pies!


Being a glutton, I went to buy some pies for myself so I can laze at home and eat them all day long!

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Sary on 20 May 2017 8:38 PM
that looks amazing brb gonna fly back asap 2 get some
I love food and I enjoy food photography.

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