Episode 1: The Beginning

Posted on 8 April 2018

The Pokémon world, full of adventure, mystery, spirit and triumph, gives the opportunity to anybody to achieve their dreams of becoming a Pokémon master. Our story will take place in the Quibak region and features a variety of climates and topographic features. Many Pokémon inhabit this region and the people live in peace and harmony. A new champion has just been named, yet their identity is still not known to the inhabitants. We will soon see how the journey unfolds for our protagonist on their path to becoming a Pokémon Trainer!

Without further delay, it is time to begin our journey in to the Pokémon world! Welcome to Quibak!


On a bright and sunny day in Maple Town, a young girl will receive her very first Pokémon. The girl and her mother had just moved here from a region far away and it has been tough adjusting to the local atmosphere. Maple Town is located just North of Soleil City and is often visited by the Pokémon Professor who resides there. 

The girl's mother is cooking breakfast in the kitchen with the help of her Politoed, while some local Starly are sitting on the picket fence outside singing a lovely morning tune. The kitchen phone rings and the mother runs to pick it up.
  "Hello," she says. 
  "Well hello is this Courtney?" asks the voice on the other line.
  "Yes this is she, may I ask who's talking?"
  "It's the Pokémon Professor, I will be stopping by soon. Is your daughter ready for my arrival?"
  "Yes she will be," Courtney said realizing her daughter is still fast asleep upstairs, "when will you be here?" 
  "In about an hour, we will see you then!"

Courtney then hung up the kitchen phone and said,  "Politoed make sure that nothing catches on fire while I am getting her up!" She then proceeded to hurry upstairs to wake up her daughter. She hopes to herself that her daughter will be as eager as she was when she got her first Pokémon.

Upstairs, she knocks on the door to her daughter's room and says, "sweetie, are you awake? Today's the big day!" But there was no reply. "Of course she is still fast asleep, even on a milestone like today she can't even remember to wake up on time," the girls mother said under her breath. She then proceeded to open the door and wake up her daughter.

"JAMIE!" she yelled. The girl did not budge, "just typical," said her mother. She realized there was no other option except to force her daughter awake. "Now which shall I use?" she thought to herself. "Oh I got it! Machop use Wake-Up Slap!" she said while throwing the Pokémon's Pokéball. Machop begins slapping Jamie profusely until she wakes up.
  "ABUSE, ABUSE, I'M CALLING THE COPS!!" Jamie screamed out loud.
  "Machop, return!" says Courtney, "now Jamie, you know I had no other option and we went over this a thousand times-"
  "I TOLD YOU TO STOP," said Jamie hastily.
  "Well I told you to wake up when I said so."
The girl rolled her eyes at her mother.
  Her mother replied, "Don't you roll your eyes at me young lady!"
  "Or else what, MOM? Why did you wake me-"
 Cutting her off mid-sentence, "Jamie the Pokémon Professor will be here within the hour, you need to get ready and come downstairs and eat. You are receiving your first Pokémon today!"
  "CRAP YOU'RE RIGHT," she said while hopping out of her bed, "thanks mom.."

Courtney smiled watching her daughter run around her room in a hurry preparing for her special day. She remembered what it was like on her first day as a trainer when she received her first Pokémon. She then remembered about the omelette she was making downstairs and hurried back to the kitchen to serve her daughter. "Jamie, come down when you're ready," she said as she exited the room.
  "Ok, mom," replied Jamie.

Jamie wondered what Pokémon she would be receiving today, and who this Pokémon Professor was. She hoped it would be as cool as her personality and also incredibly strong so she defeat all of her rivals, especially that girl next door.

  "Food's ready sweetie!" yelled Courtney from the kitchen, "thanks Politoed!"
  "Poli, poli-toad!" replied the Pokémon, wiping off sweat from it's forehead and looking at the burnt omelette it managed to hide before Courtney returned downstairs.

A car's motor could be heard from the distance, it was the Professor! Once he arrived outside of the house, he stepped out of the car and so did his assistant. "Mom he's here," said Jamie, "we need to impress him, turn on the Indian music." The Pokémon Professor rang the doorbell and Courtney ran over to open it up.
  "Welcome!" she exclaimed, "nice to finally meet you!"
  "Ooo, Indian music, you didn't have to do this for me, but now I am more inclined to give your daughter a better Pokémon," he replied jokingly.
  "Won't you come in?" said Jamie thinking to herself that she's can not afford to lose this opportunity.
  "Yes, let's discuss in our living room," Courtney added on.

Courtney guided the two guests to the living room and sat them on the couch, while her and her daughter sat on the opposing couch.
  "Hello my name is Professor Jasaan and this is my assistant, Rach!" says the Pokémon Professor.
  "Nice to meet ya!" Rach said joyfully, "what a lovely home you have! I'm not such a fan of the music though..."

Professor Jasaan paused and thought about what his assistant had just said. "I agree that this is a lovely home, and excuse my assistant, she does not have the best taste in music," he said, but before he could finish his sentence a girl's scream could be heard from outside. "HELP!" somebody yelled.
  "It seems to have come from across the street!" said Courtney all worried.
  "What's going on?" said Rach.
  "Hurry!" interrupts Professor Jasaan before they could continue speculating, "we need to go outside and see what's happening!"

But before they leave, he adds, "Jamie, I know I was going to say more, but take this Pokéball. Your first Pokémon is inside!" He gives Jamie the Pokéball and the group run outside. Jamie recognized that scream and she thinks to herself, 'just great, even on my special day, SHE has to steal all the attention..'

Outside, they see the neighbour girl being cornered by a very angry Skorupi. "SOMEBODY HELP ME!" she screamed, "anybody except Jamie!" Jamie knows that the girl noticed them and still had the audacity to say that.
  She said to her mother loudly, "Mom, do we really HAVE to save her? I mean there's probably a good reason why that Pokémon is pissed off.."
  Professor Jasaan replied, "Jamie, I think this will be a perfect time to test out your new Pokémon!"
  "I agree!" said Rach cheerfully.
  "Ok can we hurry this up," said Courtney, "I'd like to help as well but my Pokéballs are inside."

This was Jamie's chance, her heart was beating so heavily, she couldn't contain her excitement. She threw the Pokéball with no idea with what Pokémon could be inside. The Pokéball opened and an Eevee emerged. "Ee-vee!" calls the Pokémon. But Jamie was expecting something much more fierce.
  "She's going to save me, with that...?" yelled the neighbour girl.
  "Just save me!!" Angel said as the wild Pokémon proceeded closer towards her.
  "Jamie, tell Eevee to use a move," said Courtney.
  "Crap, right, now how do I do that?" said Jamie, forgetting all of her studies at the Pokémon Trainer School.
  "Look Professor, we get to witness her first battle, isn't this exciting?" said Rach who somehow managed to remain joyful throughout this entire event.
  "Jamie tell it to use Tackle," said the Professor, "Eevee is awaiting your command!"

Jamie swallowed and said, "ok you heard the weird guy, Eevee use Tackle!" The Eevee tackled the wild Skorupi and hit it on to it's back. However, it quickly rolled over and used Bite on Eevee which sent it flying and then followed up with a Poison Sting attack. "On no Eevee!" said Jamie running and fortunately caught her new friend, "are you ok?" The Eevee was knocked out by just two moves, the Skorupi was definitely not an easy foe. 

"What do we do now?" asked Courtney. The Professor had already reached in to his pocket to send out one of his own Pokémon. He threw one of his Pokéballs and said "go Growli-". But before Professor Jasaan could even call out a move, somebody in the distance yelled, "Sylveon, use Shadow Ball!" A Shadow Ball attack hit the wild Skorupi and made it run away. 

"Who is she?" asked Jamie, in awe of the trainer who stood in the distance.

To be continued...
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Sary on 20 April 2018 1:59 AM
I was about to read this then realised it was too long
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Indian music bye
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My child
Jamie on 8 April 2018 10:26 PM
This story is very accurate. I hope mysterious lady is who I think she is.
Princehooligan on 8 April 2018 2:18 PM
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