Episode 11: Catching a Pokémon

Posted on 11 May 2018

Jamie and Abi were finally on route to Rouge City and Jamie's first Gym challenge. But before they arrived, Jamie knew that she needed some more Pokémon on her team in case her Eevee was defeated. The issue is that she has never actually caught any Pokémon before. And the only things she knows are from the videos that she saw at the Pokémon Trainer School.
  "Jamie," said Abi.
  "Yeah?" replied Jamie.
  "You're petting your Eevee quite, erm, firmly..." she observed.
  "Vee, vee, vee, vee," said the Eevee as Jamie forcefully pet it.

Could Jamie be nervous? Maybe it was best to ask Abi for some advice after all, especially since she claimed to have captured hundreds of Magikarp aside from the Pokémon in her party.
  "Hey Abi," said Jamie, "could I ask you something?"
  "Hmm... Is it about exacting revenge on one of your enemies?" replied Abi enthusiastically.
  "Not that! It's about catching a Pokémon!"
  "Oh, so it's a tutorial you're looking for? Then follow me."

The two walked over to a nearby stream and Abi pulled a collapsable fishing rod out of her fanny pack. She then tied a lure on to the fishing rope and casted it in to the stream.
  "Watch closely Jamie," Abi instructed, "I will show you all the basics to catching a Pokémon."
  "What exactly am I watching?" Jamie questioned as she observed Abi stare passionately at her fishing rod.
  "I'm going to show you how to fish for a Pokémon!" proclaimed Abi.
  "Ok... How long does this take?" asked Jamie.
  "Well, hopefully a few seconds if you be quiet and be patient." replied Abi.
  "Excuse–" said Jamie.
  "Looks like we have a bite!" Abi yelled abruptly.

 Abi thrusted her fishing rod upwards and out emerged a Pokémon from the stream.
  "Deen, Goldeen!" cried the Pokémon.
  "Damn it, I wanted a Magikarp," Abi said and then sighed, "this will do for now."

Abi reached in to her fanny pack and threw a Pokéball out. It was her Magikarp, the same one that fainted after one attack from Sary's Milotic.
  "Karp-karp-karp," cried Abi's Magikarp as it flopped on the ground close to the wild Goldeen.
  "Abi are you sure you know what you're doing?" Jamie asked.
  "Of course I know what I'm doing," Abi replied, "don't you worry, I have this all planned. Now just keep watching me."
  "I'll try not to laugh..." Jamie said quietly.
  "Vee-vee-Eevee!" said Jamie's Eevee watching Abi's Magikarp closely.
  "You need to feel the battle Jamie. BE the Pokémon. FEEL the spirit of your partner," Abi said as she started to lie on the ground and flop like her Magikarp.

Jamie watched Abi's strange tutorial with disappointment. She was making no progress in battling or capturing the Goldeen whatsoever. Strangely enough, Jamie's attention was quickly changed towards a strange rustling in a nearby bush. It could not be Abi as she was currently flopping on the ground alongside the two other Pokémon in front of Jamie's eyes. What could it be then?

Jamie tiptoed over to the bush as it continued to rustle. Abi's attention was completely fixated on her ongoing performance that she didn't even notice Jamie's movement. Jamie placed her Eevee on the ground and instructed it to attack if anything hopped out towards them. Jamie looked in to the bush to check out what was making the movement, to her surprise she saw an injured Riolu twisting on the ground grabbing one of its legs. The poor Pokémon had injured itself and Jamie had no idea where it came from.

Jamie knew she had to help the Riolu, so she reached in to her backpack and pulled out a Potion that the Nurse Hooligan from Maple Town gave her.
  "Riii!" yelled the Riolu frightened by Jamie's approaching hands.
  "I'm trying to help you, please stay still" Jamie said quietly as she leaned in to the bush to spray the Potion on the Riolu's leg.
  "Eevee," said Jamie's Eevee as it hopped in to the bush to try to comfort the Riolu.
  "Watch out Eevee, I don't want you getting hit," said Jamie.
  "Veeeeeee," said the Eevee using a move that Jamie did not recognize.

Jamie's Eevee was in fact using the move Heal Bell in order to help heal the injured Riolu. The Riolu immediately began to calm down and ceased squirming on the ground, it even started to smile.
  "Come on Eeevee, we have to go back to watching Abi conclude whatever she's doing before she notices," said Jamie, "or else she may insist on redoing it if she notices that we left."
  "Eevee-vee," said Eevee hopping in to Jamie's backpack.
  "Ugh," grunted Jamie noticing her bag was heavier, "Eevee, did you get fat all of a sudden?"

Jamie walked back over towards where she was originally standing and placed her backpack on the ground. She crouched down and pulled her Eevee out, noticing that it was not only her Eevee in there but Riolu as well. She was stunned. WHY was Riolu in her backpack? Jamie reached in to pull Riolu out and it hit her hands away.
  "Eevee, could you maybe have told me something else was in there?" Jamie noted, "now Riolu, get out of my backpack please!"

As Jamie reached in to try to pull the Riolu out once more, it hit one of the empty Pokéballs that Professor Jasaan had given her and was successfully captured.. Jamie just caught her first Pokémon!
  "Eevee, vee-Eevee!" cheered her Eevee.
  "Uhm," said Jamie, "what just happ–"
  "JAMIE I HOPE YOU ENJOYED THIS TUTORIAL," screamed Abi as she stood up.

The Goldeen was gone, Jamie completely missed Abi's battle with the Pokémon.

To be continued...
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