Episode 10: Trolling

Posted on 5 May 2018

Jamie looked up to where Rach was pointing. It was just an electric fan hanging upside down on the ceiling. Why was Professor Jasaan and Rach so concerned? And why was Sary laughing? Before she could understand the situation further Abi had already interjected.
  "Why did you guys bolt an electric fan to the ceiling?" asked Abi loudly, "your designer is terrible!"
  "That's not a regular electric fan," said Rach, "now prepare yourselves, Rotom can attack at any instance."
  "Rotom? Wh–" questioned Jamie.
  "Rotom, quit trying to escape the Pokémon Lab," interrupted Professor Jasaan speaking towards the inanimate object, "you lost the food eating competition fair and square."
  "See Jamie, Rotom is a Pokémon that is sort of a troll..." Sary explained.
  "Sary is correct," Rach added, "Rotom is able to possess many everyday appliances, so trapping this guy is going to be tricky."

As Rach spoke, she activated the 'Emergency Lockdown' switch within the room. The door slammed shut behind them, scaring Jamie's Eevee who was still in her arms this entire time. The electric fan on the ceiling did not budge, appearing completely the same. 
  "Could this fan just be a distraction?" asked Jamie.
  "Don't think so," replied Professor Jasaan, "or else the object could not be defying gravity as it is right now."
  "Can this Pokémon hurry up and make a move," groaned Abi, "we don't have all d–"
  "Be quiet Abi, the blades are beginning to move," remarked Sary.

The group turned their attention back to the electric fan and watched as a yellow aura appeared around the machine as it began to forcefully blow air.
  "Don't make me return you to your Pokéball!" threatened Professor Jasaan as he reached in to his pocket.
  "ZzzzZzzzzzt!" cried the Pokémon.
  "Professor, be careful," Rach noted, "every time this happens, it just wants more food."
  "Wait a second, you're telling me that this Pokémon is making a huge scene because it's hungry," Jamie observed, "and not because it wants to escape or anything..."
  "Look Abigail, there is actually something out there that is more dramatic than you," Sary announced and then giggled.

The Rotom began to laugh and ceased attacking the group.
  "Psst, professor," whispered Rach, "did you bring any food, because I don't have any?"
  "No, all I had was Indian food and I ate it all.." replied Professor Jasaan.
  "Why is Rotom laughing?" Jamie asked while she comforted her Eevee, "Was it what Abi just said?"
  "Unfortunately, I do not know since Rotom is an incredibly unpredictable Pokémon," responded Professor Jasaan, "do any of you by any chance have some food available? Or else we will be trapped in this room with Rotom until it tires itself out."
  "Uhm... I think I have some chips that my mom gave me," said Jamie reaching in to her backpack, "I don't have much left though."

Jamie pulled out a bag with a small amount of chips remaining in them and gave it to Rach. Rach proceeded to open a cupboard with a Pokémon food bowl in it, emptied the chips in to the bowl, and placed the bowl on the floor near the Rotom. The Rotom noticed Rach placing the bowl, floated down to the ground, and ate some of the chips.
  "Zzzt!" said the Rotom cheerfully.
  "Well then, Rotom please return to your quarters," Professor Jasaan said, "and ladies, I think this is enough excitement for one day and a perfect way to end our tour!"
  "It was a pleasure to have you join us today," added Rach enthusiastically, "I hope you all had as great of a time as I did!"
  "Rach, I completely forgot! Am I still able to call my mother before we leave?" Jamie asked.
  "Of course you can," Rach replied, "follow me, this way!"

Jamie, Sary, and Abi said goodbye to Professor Jasaan and followed Rach to her office. Jamie used Rach's phone and called her mother.
  "Hello?" said Courtney through the telephone.
  "Mom, it's me!" Jamie joyfully replied.
  "Sweetheart! How are you? Are you doing well? Where are you? Have you caught any Pokémon? Did you defeat a Gym? Have you made any new friends? Maybe a boyfriend? It's ok if it's a girlfriend, I won't judge you," asked Courtney at lightning speed through the phone, "Right, are you eating well? Three meals a day? Not just poutine right? What about your Eevee? Oh my god I haven't heard your voice in so–"
  "MOM, I've been gone for literally 2 days," interrupted Jamie, "calm down, you're going to faint again if you don't breathe."
  "Oh right... Sorry I got ahead of myself," said Courtney, "it's been so quiet without you at home."
  "HI JAMIE'S MOM!" yelled Abi, who was sitting in a chair across Rach's office.
  "Who's that? Jamie? Are you being mugged?" Courtney asked frantically, "JAMIE? HELLO?! I–"
  "MOM, you're not giving me a chance to talk, I'm ok!" Jamie yelled in to the phone, "it's just Abi."
  "AND HER SISTER SARY IS HERE TOO!" yelled Sary, who was sitting beside her sister.
  "DON'T FORGET ABOUT RACH!" yelled Rach, who wanted to be included in the yelling.
  "And Sary as well as Rach, whose phone I am using, and ALSO NEEDED TO INTERRUPT," Jamie said.
  "Ee-vee," said her Eevee.
  "Eevee is present as well," announced Jamie, "that's everybody in the room."
  "It seems like you are having a great time," said Courtney, "I'm glad to hear that you have made it to Soleil City and found some friends on the way."
  "I'm going to continue on to Rouge City to challenge my first Gym mom," said Jamie as she summarized her journey so far, "Abi is travelling with me as well and we ran in to her sister, Sary, here as well."
  "That's wonderful Jamie," commented Courtney, "I hear that the Gym leader of Rouge City is very strong, I think you should catch some more Pokémon before you get there."
  "Will do mom," replied Jamie, "I have to go now!"
  "You can call me any time, sweetie!" Courtney said as she hung up the phone.

Both Abi and Sary were giggling at Jamie while she concluded her conversation with her mother. It was finally time to leave the Pokémon Lab and prepare for the journey to Rouge City, as well as Jamie's first Pokémon Gym battle. After the girls left the lab, the girls all spent the night at the Pokémon Center and were forced to endure the attitude of the strange Nurse Hooligan.

In the morning, Jamie and Abi set out on route to Rouge City, while Sary stayed behind as she had Elite Four duties to attend to. She wished Jamie the best of luck on her journey before they parted paths and that she hopes to see her again someday. Before she could continue, Abi interrupted the conversation again as she wanted to remind her sister that their strife was not finished. Sary giggled and challenged her sister to another Pokémon battle for when they meet up again in the future.

To be continued...

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